Spotlight on Hayward’s Pioneering Firms Championing Solar Technology Advancements

Hayward, California is emerging as a hub for businesses specializing in the solar power industry, leading the charge toward a renewable future. From clean energy electronics to renewable energy manufacturing, companies headquartered in this city are thriving across multiple sectors. In this article, we spotlight some of the leaders in this space, their backgrounds, and their contributions to this crucial area of environmental sustainability.

The city is home to businesses that are thriving across multiple verticals, but it’s the breakthroughs being made in solar-power related technologies that are particularly exciting. These firms are contributing to the ongoing shift towards cleaner, renewable sources of energy, playing a key role in fighting the global threat of climate change.

Here, we’ll delve into the stories behind these innovators, explore their principles and philosophies, and highlight technologies that are shaping the future. Discover the impact they’re making on the solar industry, and understand why Hayward is fast becoming a key player in the world of green technology.


Founded in 2010 by Ajay Virkar and Melbs Lemieux, C3Nano specializes in the development of solution-based transparent conductive inks and films, aiming to replace indium tin oxide (ITO). Known as the frontrunner in Transparent Conductor Films (TCFs) and Activegrid silver nanowire (AgNW) solution-based inks for the touch sensor and display industry, the company has successfully raised $37 million funding till date. This financial boost has enabled C3Nano to create superior ink formulations and expand their production capabilities. Their reach extends from their headquarters in Silicon Valley to their advanced manufacturing base in Korea.


In the realms of Energy, Manufacturing, Mining, and Solar, IronRidge has been making waves under the leadership of founder, Craig Carni. Although the company’s details remain under wraps, their reputation in the industry speaks volumes.

Pentagon Technologies

In the nexus of Computer, Energy, Manufacturing, and Solar industries, we find Pentagon Technologies. Founded by Adwait Purav, this company’s story remains largely untold, yet their impact is felt across the solar industry.

OptiSolar R&D

Featuring an innovative approach, OptiSolar R&D uses proprietary thin-film amorphous silicon technology to develop and manufacture photovoltaic solar panels. Their product development venture was sold to First Solar in March 2009. EPOD Solar (formerly Allora Minerals) purchased OptiSolar’s manufacturing and intellectual property assets for a hefty sum of $260 million.

Topdot Solar

Founded by Rick Mirza, Topdot Solar was born out of the San Francisco Bay Area’s culture of innovation. Established by a group of clean energy entrepreneurs, the company’s aim is to provide homeowners with more viable, affordable, common sense options to switch from fossil fuel energy providers to the most effective sustainable and easily accessible energy source available – the sun.

Century Roof and Solar

While their founders’ names remain anonymous, Century Roof and Solar has carved its niche in the Civil Engineering, Construction, Renewable Energy, and Solar industry. Their exact contributions remain shrouded in mystery, yet their reputation in the solar industry is well established.

Written by Mark Smith

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