Freiburg’s Solar Pioneers: Pushing Boundaries in German Renewable Energy Sector

Freiburg, located in the heart of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, is making waves as a hub for innovative solar companies transforming the energy sector. Situated in a region known for its commitment to sustainable development, these enterprises are leading the way in renewable energy technologies. The companies highlighted in this article are all strongly committed to harnessing the power of the sun to create renewable, green energy solutions.

Known for its iconic green hills and picturesque architecture, Freiburg is also a beacon for innovative solar companies. It creates an ideal environment that nurtures the research and development of solar technology, and it is home to some of the most competitive companies in the sector. From manufacturing to project management, these companies span a broad spectrum of the industry, pioneering ways to make solar energy more accessible and efficient.

These companies are leading the charge in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in solar energy technologies. Each one, with its unique focus and approach, contributes to shaping a sustainable future powered by renewable energy. Learn more about these Freiburg-based enterprises that are pioneering breakthrough solutions in harnessing solar power.


NexWafe, co-founded by Frank Siebke, Kai Schillinger, Roy Segev, and Stefan Reber, is a forward-looking company in the fields of Energy, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, and Solar power. They specialize in creating high-quality wafers supplied to solar cell producers at an affordable cost. Their innovative wafers are fully compatible with common cell and module fabrication, making it a versatile choice in the solar industry.

Industrial Solar

A leader in Energy, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Solar, Industrial Solar is dedicated to providing turnkey solutions to increase clean energy supply. They specialize in designing heating and cooling systems that substantially increase energy efficiency. With their radical solutions, they’re contributing significantly to the promotion of clean energy. Find them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn .

Concentrix Solar

Emerging from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Concentrix Solar has an established history of bringing laboratory innovations to the market as ready products. They have masterfully advanced Concentrator PV technology generated from years of research work and offer complete, turnkey concentrator photovoltaic power plants on the commercial level called FLATCON.

Solares Bauen

In the intersection of Energy, Information Technology, and Solar industries, Solares Bauen is a company to watch. While they maintain a low profile online, their influence in the solar scene in Freiburg and beyond is palpable.


With a clear focus on Energy, Renewable Energy, and Solar, PSE AG is a company making great strides in these sectors. Although specifics about their operations are minimal, their work in renewable energy is making a significant impact.

Solar Info Center

The Solar Info Center is uniquely positioned within the Project Management, Property Management, and Solar industries. Using a uniquely integrative approach, they combine property and project management with solar expertise to offer unparalleled services in their niche.

Written by Mark Smith

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