Manhattan Beach: Eco-Friendly Solar Industry Innovators Shine Bright in California

In the sustainable energy landscape, the heartland of clean energy innovation beats vividly in Manhattan Beach, California. A cluster of trailblazing solar power companies calls this vibrant locale home, embodying the forward-thinking ethos of the community and leading the charge in revolutionizing how we harness and utilize energy. With ingenious innovations, distinguished leadership, and an unwavering commitment to environmental preservation, these firms are the standard-bearers in the clean energy domain. This article embarks on an exegesis of these companies, their backstory, and the indelible impressions they are making in the world of solar power.

Diverse in their strategies and their approaches, they all share a common thread, harnessing the power of the sun in novel, clean, and economical ways. Some have taken a traditional route to solar power, developing rooftop solar products, and others are taking more innovative paths, launching satellites and developing software. Each of these companies is unique in what they bring to the table and how they are advancing the solar industry, all while adhering to the principles of sustainability and clean energy.

Without much further ado, let’s delve into an overview of these trailblazer companies that are channeling the power of the sun and inspiring a renewable energy movement from their base in Manhattan Beach, California.


Solaren is one of the jewels in the crown, developing a solar power system that distributes electricity through long-wave radio frequency. They are a pioneer in launching satellites fitted with photo-voltaic arrays into geostationary orbit and beaming back energy to the earth that is subsequently converted with commendable efficiency. Their modus operandi is to offer base-load electric power whilst doing their bit in propelling the green energy movement. Read More.

Coast Energy

Coast Energy is a burgeoning commercial and industrial solar energy firm offering innovative systems that provide both commercial businesses and residential regions with solar energy in an economically viable manner. With an appetite for innovation, they are disrupting the way commercial building owners purchase electricity, driving significant value to clients. Read More.

Clean Energy Experts

As the name suggests, Clean Energy Experts take pride in their experience and mastery of the clean energy domain. With a strong commitment to a sustainable future, the company leverages its expertise to provide consumers with clean energy solutions that are both technologically superior and economically reasonable. Read More.

3 Phases Renewables

3 Phases Renewables, led by founder Mike Mazur, is an Energy Service Provider (ESP) certified by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and a leading supplier of comprehensive renewable energy power solutions for the state, Western Region, and beyond. Their mission aligns with the global initiative towards a more sustainable future. Read More.

Solar America

Solar America has a simple yet powerful mission – connect homeowners and businesses across the U.S. with top-rated professional solar installers to help them go solar safely and economically. They are committed to creating an efficient solar marketplace that benefits both consumers and providers, ultimately leading to greater adoption of solar energy. Read More.

Established by Jeff Cohn, is a unique enterprise in the solar power industry. It proudly hosts a crowdsourced map database of thousands of solar roofs, solar parking lots and solar farms, raising the awareness of growing renewable energy locations around the world. Their goal is to underscore the impact that solar and renewable energy can have in oil and gas independence. Read More.

Written by Mark Smith

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