San Jose’s Forefront Players Revolutionizing Sustainable Technology Industry

Welcome to another edition of our sustainable companies series, where we highlight fortress-like companies dedicated to making our world a better place. Today, we focus on companies headquartered in San Jose, California, United States, disrupting various industries by championing sustainability. These companies range from advanced materials, clean tech, and hospitality to fashion and education, reflecting a diverse and robust sustainability effort in San Jose.

San Jose is reputed to be a leading technology hub, but its commitment to sustainability sets it apart. As a crucial green tech center, the city is home to a myriad of companies that are making impressive strides in the sustainability industry by developing impressive innovations. Each of these companies, in their own unique way, is championing a global movement towards a more sustainable and greener tomorrow.

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of each company, their founders, and, importantly, their commitment to sustainability. Sit back, and allow us to introduce you to the sustainable leaders of San Jose.


Founded by Leigh Ann Tucker and Sea Briganti, LOLIWARE is redefining the plastics industry with its advanced bio-renewable seaweed-derived alternative to single-use plastics. They are committed to pushing for a plastic-free future and have already grabbed the attention of Environmental + Energy leaders, bagging the top product of the year award. They have an impressive team of visionaries, scientists, business leaders, and technologists rallying together for a plastic-free future. This award-winning materials tech company's emphasis is on truly eco-friendly products that are compostable, carbon negative, and scalable. Check them out on LinkedIn.


Pushing the boundaries of adventure and business travel while advocating for sustainability is EXPLOY. Founders Manuela Fette and Oliver Louis Cartier developed a unique platform where people can discover offbeat places to travel with a carbon-neutral footprint. EXPLOY is all about unique travel experiences that respect the environment — a perfect blend of adventure, business, and sustainability. You can learn more about them on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Solaxy Group Corp.

Founded by Abbas Mashaollah, Solaxy Group Corp. is a firm that is passionate about reducing emissions and turning the fight against climate change into opportunities for small-business owners and communities. They are invested in renewable energy, climate investment, sustainable infrastructure, and carbon exchange. Learn more about their work on their Linkedin page.

California Water Service

Working in the Natural Resources, Sustainability, and Water industries, the California Water Service is committed to the responsible use and management of water, one of earth's most precious resources. Find out more about their work on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

West Valley Arborists

Serving in the Environmental Engineering, Health Care, Service Industry, and Sustainability sectors, West Valley Arborists are another impressive outfit based out of San Jose. Check out their initiatives on their Facebook page.

The Coffee Source

Uniting coffee growers, buyers, and enthusiasts is The Coffee Source. In addition to coffee trading, they also focus on logistics, marketing, and sustainability initiatives. Know more about their cause on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Serving the mining and waste management sectors, APROTEK USA provides superabsorbent polymer products for multiple applications, ensuring that industries leave a minimal footprint on the environment. Check their Linkedin page to see their work.

Comfort International

Under Alan Pong's leadership, Comfort International operates in the CleanTech, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, and Sustainability sectors. Learn more about their work on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Sol Ideas Technology Development

Founded by Greg Smestad, Sol Ideas Technology Development is a consulting firm focusing on the solar and sustainability industries. Find more information about them on their Facebook page.

Environmental Policy Solutions

Environmental Policy Solutions, led by Gabrielle Feldman, works across the Education, Environmental Consulting, Natural Resources, Small and Medium Businesses, and Sustainability sectors. Check them out on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.


Last but not least, Sangeeta Yadav's Mirasho is set to revolutionize the world of fashion by providing a curated marketplace for ethical and sustainable brands. Launched at the Founder Institute, Mirasho aims to connect buyers with brands that uphold the highest ethical standards in their supply chains. Learn more about their mission on their Facebook page.

These companies are clear evidence of the impressive strides being made within the sustainability industry in San Jose, and their endeavours make us optimistic about our greener future. Stay tuned as we continue to explore more companies revolutionizing their industries through sustainable practices.

Written by Mark Smith

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