Bengaluru’s Innovative Sustainability Leaders Revolutionizing Global Environmental Technologies

Right at the intersection of technological innovation and environmental sustainability, a good number of companies operating out of Bengaluru, Karnataka, India are leading the charge in transformative and ecologically-friendly solutions spanning various industries. From electric vehicles to renewable energy, from waste management to sustainable fashion, these Bengaluru-based pioneers are reshaping the way we think about progress and development, stressing the significance and need for sustainable practices with every innovative leap.

The city known as the Silicon Valley of India has always been at the forefront of the tech industry, but increasingly, companies are now focusing on the intersection of technology and sustainability. Their commitment to ‘green’ models in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, non-profits, waste management and more, are an affirmation of their shared vision for a better planet.

Let’s take a close look at some of these remarkable companies, their unique ideas, what they have been doing to boost environmental sustainability, and how they are making Bengaluru a hotbed of ‘green’ innovation.

Ola Electric

Founded by Anand Shah, Ankit Jain, and Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola Electric endeavours to make electric mobility feasible, trustworthy, and inexpensive. Specialising in the rental of electric cars, the firm is collaborating with vehicle and battery manufacturers, cities, driver partners, and the mobility ecosystem. Ola Electric, established on May 26, 2017, has its headquarters in Bengaluru.

The/Nudge Foundation

Founded by Atul Satija and Vidit Aatrey, The/Nudge Foundation is committed to tackling poverty in a sustainable and scalable way. The foundation aims to impact the lives of 1M+ underprivileged youth annually through skilling, education, healthcare among other fields with The/Nudge’s direct, indirect and leveraged models. Their ultimate vision is a poverty-free India within our generation.


Founded by Nivedha R.M and Saurabh Jain, TrashCon is a world-leading automated zero waste system. With their globally awarded waste recycling technologies and circular economy models, they are revolutionising waste management and environmental sustainability.

Devic Earth

Devic Earth is at the cutting edge of environmental engineering, pollution control and sustainability industries. They are dedicated to providing environment, renewables, energy, CSR, ESG, NGO, EHS, air pollution control and sustainable solar solutions.


Toqn is a unique modular and sustainable jewellery brand known for its versatility. Their innovative designs, protected by 5 patents, offer the first of its kind mechanism for the multi-functionality of their products.


Co-founded by Arijit Mazumdar and Smrity Gupta, Northmist is a brand that brings together the worlds of ecommerce and sustainable fashion. No detailed company description is available.

Miracle Electronics

Miracle Electronics operates in the fields of Electronics, Energy Efficiency, Industrial Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering and Sustainability. No detailed bio available.


Founded by Nandeesh Shankar, Toventa operates within the realms of Cloud Computing, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Enterprise Software, Retail, Supply Chain Management and Sustainability. However, no detailed bio is available.


SunMoksha is another company founded by Ashok K. Das that operates in the CleanTech, Consulting and Sustainability sectors. No detailed company bio is available.


Founded by Pradeep Reddy, Farmstop is an ethical online store for farm-fresh organic produce procured directly from genuine organic farmers. It promotes and encourages farmers to take up organic farming to help in building a healthy planet. They provide full-stack solutions to help farmers approach organic farming easily and consumers get organic food from genuine sources.

Tide Technocrats

Founded by N Sampath Kumar, Tide Technocrats is an organization providing environmental solutions, aiming to enable and empower individuals and communities to lead an environmentally responsible and sustainable lifestyle. With 21 years of experience in the field, it has emerged as one of the leading partners for environmental and sustainability solutions.

Written by Mark Smith

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