Sustainability Innovations: Pioneering Bangalore Companies Reshaping India’s Green Future

As we march into a new decade defined by transformative innovations, there is a glaring imperative for solutions that are both forward-thinking and environmentally conscious. This is particularly significant in Bangalore, the booming IT hub of India, where the need for sustainability-centred endeavours is evident. Outlined here are some notable companies in Bangalore that are sculpting the landscape of the sustainability industry with compelling visions and inventive technologies. From electric vehicles to bio-renewable products, these industry mavericks embody Bangalore’s dynamic confluence of technological prowess and deep-seated commitment to the environment.

Ultraviolette Automotive

Founded by techno-entrepreneurs Narayan Subramaniam and Niraj Rajmohan, Ultraviolette Automotive stands as a disruptive technology start-up working towards a greener future with their electric two-wheelers and energy infrastructure. Spotlighting their ground-breaking F77, an urban sports/commuter electric bike that challenges the norms of e-bike performance. Ultraviolette Automotive is not just creating electric vehicles but reshaping the very foundation of urban commuting and sustainability.
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Sea6 Energy

Sea6 Energy‘s multidisciplinary founders, including Nelson Vadassery and Shrikumar Suryanarayan, envision the vast oceans as the thriving biomass farms of the future. The company integrates marine biology, ocean engineering, and bioprocess engineering to develop technologies for transforming biomass into biofuel and other eco-advantageous products, thus creating a holistic Bio-refinery from marine biomass.
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Oben Electric

Understanding the need for high-quality and sustainable electric two-wheelers, founders Dinkar Agrawal and Madhumita Agrawal established Oben Electric in 2020. Oben Electric’s indigenously manufactured performance motorcycle ‘Rorr’ is an embodiment of India’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar’ initiative.
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String Bio

With a vision to address global food security, founder Ezhil Subbian launched String Bio. Their innovative biodegradable products, made using a methane-based source of carbon, allow users to help meet the growing global demand for protein.
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Written by Mark Smith

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