Rotterdam’s Pioneers: Leading Environmental Consultancy Firms in The Netherlands

Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands is a vibrant hub for companies specializing in environmental consulting. In the forefront of technological innovation and green business practices, these trailblazing firms are reshaping the industry landscape with their deep understanding and practical application of renewable energy, sustainable development, and environmental protection. We bring you a series of assessments of some of these organizations making positive strides in environmental consulting industry and beyond.


Jedlix is pioneering smart charging service provision for electric vehicles. Revolutionizing the automotive industry, this Rotterdam-based company is leveraging cutting-edge Vehicle-to-Grid Integration (VGI) platforms to optimize the charging and discharging of e-vehicles – effectively streamlining their integration into power grids. Founded in 2015 by the visionaries Jorg van Heesbeen, Nick Hubbers, and Taco van Berkel, Jedlix is leaving its mark both in home and public charging spheres. Stay updated with their latest initiatives on their Twitter page.


An authoritative voice in consulting and professional services, Trinomics is another exceptional firm based in Rotterdam. Trinomics brings a unique combination of energy, environmental consultations, and professional services and astoundingly operates in these niches with smooth synergy. Through their top-of-the-line consulting services, they are reshaping the business environments across the Netherlands and beyond. Stay abreast of their updates on their Twitter and LinkedIn channels.


Humankind is a groundbreaking agency for urban change. Co-founded by Jorn Wemmenhove, this Rotterdam-based environmental consulting company is carving out a path for sustainable development in cities across the globe. Humankind transcends conventional boundaries to bring about positive change in urban environments. Stay connected with them on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms.

Unisun Energy Holding

Unisun Energy Holding is a trusted name in renewable energy consulting. This Rotterdam-based firm is infamous for its comprehensive green energy solutions delivered across Europe. Unisun offers dynamic, reliable, and sustainable solutions that range from development, to Engineering Procurement, and Construction (EPC), and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services. Stay connected with them via their LinkedIn page.

SGI Compliance

SGI Compliance stands tall among environmental consulting firms that extend their services to compliance and waste management. Based in Rotterdam, this firm brings groundbreaking solutions to complex environmental challenges. Stay tuned for their latest updates on their LinkedIn page.


Last but not least, DOBILO is another eminent firm that consistently delivers exceptional environmental consulting services. Operating out of Rotterdam, this company extends its expertise to provide specialized training and advice to industrial entities. Stay connected with them on their LinkedIn page.

Written by Mark Smith

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