Environmental Consulting Innovations: Spotlight on Somerville, Massachusetts Companies

The city of Somerville, Massachusetts is home to several pioneering environmental consulting companies that are pushing the boundaries of their respective industries to create a more sustainable future. From waste management, healthcare, energy efficiency to education, these companies are taking the lead in their fields to ensure a safer and healthier world. This article will delve into the unique characteristics, services, and achievements of each company.

These corporations, based in Somerville, work at the intersection of technology, scientific research, and environmental responsibility. They have developed innovative, technology-driven solutions to address pressing environmental issues. From improving air quality, scientific conservation behavior, reducing waste, to creating energy-efficient cooling systems, the breadth of their work is vast and their impact significant.

Let’s explore these companies, their founders, and how they are reshaping the environmental consulting industry in not only Somerville but on a global scale:


Transaera was founded by Matthew Dorson and Sorin Grama and operates in the spheres of energy efficiency, environmental consulting, and leisure. The company is creating a new class of nimble, low-cost, and eco-friendly cooling systems. Connect with Transaera on their official Twitter handle @Transaera and LinkedIn.


QuantAQ, founded by David Hagan and Eben Cross, is focused on using cutting-edge sensor and software solutions to pinpoint emission sources for a variety of applications. Right from detecting ambient air quality to building a distributed, local air quality network, QuantAQ makes better decision-making quicker and more precise. Connect with them on LinkedIn or their Twitter handle @quant_aq.

Triumvirate Environmental

Triumvirate Environmental, a brainchild of John Mcquillan, provides environment consulting for healthcare, industrial, life sciences, medical, and waste management sectors. Its services expand to consulting, education, and industrial services. Triumvirate can be found on their official Twitter handle @Triumvirate, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


With the backing of Laurent Canneva and Laurent Meunier, Spare-it operates in the fields of environmental consulting, real-time sensing, and waste management. Follow them on the company’s official @Spareit1 handle, and LinkedIn.

Earthwise Aware, Inc.

The non-profit organization, Earthwise Aware, Inc., focuses on fanning the flames of environmental literacy and an ethical and compassionate attitude toward nature. They also connect people with nature through direct experiences. Earthwise Aware can be found on Twitter @EarthwiseAware, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Recover Green Roofs

Recover Green Roofs is a specialist in designing, installing, and maintaining green roofs, rooftop gardens, farms, and amenity spaces for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. Connect with Recover Green Roofs on their Twitter handle @RecoverRoofs, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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