Environmental Consultancies Thriving in Newcastle Upon Tyne: Futurology Spotlight


Within the bustling cityscape of Newcastle Upon Tyne, a notable assemblage of environmental consulting firms is emerging, making significant waves in their respective industries. This article concentrates on environmental consulting firms that have made Newcastle their central base, showcasing their contributions and innovations in various sectors such as architecture, supply chain management, cloud data services, energy, and education.

Environmental consulting denotes a form of compliance consulting where consultants ensure clients maintain an appropriate measure of compliance with environmental regulations. These agencies can help a range of businesses from waste disposal companies to renewable energy outfits. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of some remarkable Newcastle-based companies that are shaking up the environmental consulting scene.

Making remarkable strides in architecture, construction, environmental consulting, and IT services is NBS. This company has created a footprint in the construction industry by providing technical information and innovative products highly coveted by those working in design and engineering. The crown jewel in their service portfolio is the ground-breaking NBS Create, a project documentation solution that works intelligently throughout the project timeline.


With Facebook, LinkedIn, and @thenbs presences, NBS has succeeded in creating a dynamic and multilayered digital presence.


Founded by Mitesh Dhanak, Cenergist is a specialist energy and water efficiency company making sizeable strides within the energy and environmental consulting agencies. You can connect with them on @cenergist on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Brand Ami

Operating in the intersection of education, environmental consulting, IoT, and Location Based Services, Brand Ami seeks to leverage IoT and Beacons to create connected environments that relocate lost children, revolutionising childhood safety and parent’s peace of mind.

GME Industry

At the forefront of environmental consulting and renewable energy is GME Industry, boasting a specialization in the design, installation, and maintenance of a wide array of commercial and industrial electrical services. For more about this company, you can visit their LinkedIn page.

McGrady Clarke

Serving as an exponent of environmental consulting, McGrady Clarke is committed to providing their clients with premier business energy management and sustainability solutions. To discover more about them, you can visit their LinkedIn page.

Engineering Support Partnership

Focusing on Energy, Environmental Consulting, and Renewable Energy, the Engineering Support Partnership has established itself as a noteworthy entity in its field. Any additional information about them may be found on their LinkedIn page and Facebook page.

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Written by Mark Smith

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