Revolutionizing Quebec’s Oil and Gas Industry: Pioneering Companies to Watch

In this new era of rapid technological advancement, the oil and gas sector is witnessing an emergence of dynamic companies dedicated to revolutionizing the industry. Operating from the French-speaking province of Quebec, Canada, the following companies have been making a significant positive impact on the oil and gas sector both nationally and globally. This article provides an overview of some of the most impactful oil and gas industry-based companies headquartered in Quebec, Canada.

Despite the hurdles like volatile market conditions and environmental concerns, these firms have managed to strive in these areas by employing advanced technology, economic strategies and by following environmentally friendly practices. Here, we will explore these companies and look at what services or products they offer, and the main creative brains behind these organizations.

These firms have been pushing boundaries and redefining standards, setting a new trend for others to follow. Below is a showcase of these innovative companies:


Founded by Eric Bergeron, Flyscan is an innovative firm that has developed specialized services for oil and gas pipeline operators, dealing specifically in automated airborne leak and threat detection. Connect with Flyscan on

Le Groupe Harnois inc

Founded by Claude Harnois, Le Groupe Harnois specialises in the sale of wholesale and retail petroleum products, lubricants and speciality products. Additionally, they own a chain of Le magasin convenience stores. For more information, check out their
Facebook page
LinkedIn profile.


Founded by Martin Theriault, Eddyfi Technologies aims to maximize the potential of multiple non-destructive testing inspection technology brands to strengthen its standing in the oil and gas industry. They can also be found on
and on


Under the leadership of founder Olivier Marcotte, Nucleom provides a range of solutions for non-destructive testing. They are known for their high-level expertise and innovative inspection systems. Connect with Nucleom on

Junex Inc

Founded by Jean-Yves Lavoie, Junex was established in 1999 with the goal of exploring Quebec’s oil and gas potential. This innovative company continues to push towards its goal with tremendous drive and commitment.


Petrolia, another Quebec-based firm, is committed to the energy and oil and gas industries. Information on its founders is unavailable. The main highlight of the company is its initiative of granting stock options to its employees and directors as a part of its compensation policy.

SG Énergie

SG Énergie focuses on the energy, fuel, and oil and gas industries. It’s known for its commitment to innovation and dedication to providing top-quality services and products. Connect with SG Énergie on

Pétroles Témis

Pétroles Témis is an emerging company operating in the energy, freight service, and oil and gas industries. While information on its founders is unavailable, its commitment to the industry is well evident.

Pétroles MB

Les Pétroles MB is a commercial, industrial and residential distributor of various petroleum products including unleaded gasoline, aviation fuel, diesel, heating oil and high-end lubricants. Founded in 2005, in Baie-Comeau, Pétroles MB is setting new trends in the oil and gas retail sector. You can follow them on

The technological breakthroughs and innovative strategies practiced by these Quebec-based companies have set them as front-runners in the global oil and gas sector. They continue to drive the evolution of the industry, promoting advancements and progressions.

Written by Mark Smith

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