Revolutionizing Energy: Pioneering Oil and Gas Companies Based in Rome, Italy

The bustling city of Rome, aside from being the historical hub and capital of Italy, is also a powerhouse for multiple companies making a significant mark in the Oil and Gas industry worldwide. Nestled in the province of Lazio, these companies range from global entities in the energy sector, to shipping and transportation, and even branching out to professional services and training. Below, we spotlight the notable companies making strides within Rome’s Oil and Gas industry.


Founded in 1962 by Antonio Segni, Enel is a key player in the energy, energy storage and oil and gas industry. The company is involved in the power and gas markets, operating across 40 countries on 4 continents, generating power from over 98 GW of net installed capacity. In addition, their smart meters initiative aids in the development of smart grids, smart cities and electric mobility. With a commitment to renewable energy sources and an innovative spirit, Enel is certainly a leader in its field. You can learn more about Enel at their social media pages: Twitter: @enelgroup, Facebook: and Linkedin:


Next we highlight Eni, another significant name under Rome’s roof. Spanning across various sectors including automotive, energy, and oil and gas, Eni was founded in 1953 by Enrico Mattei. The company concentrates on oil and natural gas exploration, field development, and production, along with the supply, trading, and shipment of natural gases, LNG, electricity, fuels, and chemical products. Connect with them on Twitter: @eni, Facebook:, and Linkedin:


Antonio Quadrato founded APS, a remarkable company operating within multiple sectors such as civil engineering, construction, energy, industrial engineering, oil and gas, and project management. Check out more about them on Linkedin:


Here we have Finaval, active in the energy, oil and gas, shipping, and transportation industry. To find out more, visit their Linkedin:


GEKO stands as an instrumental name in Rome’s energy sector, specialising in electrical distribution, oil and gas, and renewable energy. You can follow them on Facebook: and Linkedin:

PGB Group 2.0

In the digital media, finance, oil and gas, and security sector, PGB Group 2.0 is a name worth noting.

Totalgaz Italia

In wholesales, particularly in the sale and treatment of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), we recognize Totalgaz Italia for its exceptional work.

ISS International

ISS International offers complete and integrated services related to processing and production engineering in the oil, gas, and power generation sectors. Their services also extend to training, and maintenance engineering. Follow them on Facebook: and Linkedin:

ITP Group

Active in the industrial, oil and gas, and textiles industry, the ITP Group is yet another example of Rome’s dynamism in diverse sectors.

In conclusion, Rome, Italy’s capital, is a powerhouse of countless noteworthy companies operating in the Oil and Gas industry and more. These innovative ventures stretch across a range of sectors, from energy and shipping to professional services and training. Each company demonstrates Rome’s incredible impact in Italy and globally, contributing significantly to the diversity and growth of their respective industries.

Written by Mark Smith

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