Mississauga’s Innovative Leaders in Oil and Gas Technology Solutions


The city of Mississauga in Ontario, Canada, is fast-emerging as a base for several remarkable companies in the Oil and Gas industry. These trailblazing businesses have proven themselves leaders in their respective fields. They have at their core innovative solutions that represent the future of energy, portraying an inspiring image of the Earth’s sustainability. This article explores their pioneering approach to the energy sector, highlighting their outstanding contributions and influence on the global stage.

From energy efficiency to renewable resources, rental and sales, testing and measurement, and even real estate, these companies have broadened the horizons of what is traditionally considered the “oil and gas” sector. Their shared aim is to harness the potential of technology and innovation to not just supply energy, but reshape the industry for the better.

Let’s dive into the vibrant world of these energy innovators based in Mississauga, exploring the vision and accomplishments that have marked them as leaders in the field. Each section will provide a company bio along with their website link, for those interested in learning more about each company’s specific operations and offerings.

Just Energy

A leading independent energy supplier, Just Energy, has a customer base that spans across the United States and Canada, totaling over 1.6 million energy accounts. The company is a forerunner in green energy, offering solutions that offset the environmental impacts. With long term, fixed price, and price protection programs, Just Energy aims to provide its residential and commercial customer base with the peace of mind that comes from financial and energy stability. They are expanding their geographic footprint, with plans to launch in many new territories. Find Just Energy on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Strongco Corporation

Strongco Corporation has firmly established itself in the construction and oil and gas industries. Offering expertise in rental and sales, Strongco has cultivated a strong presence in Mississauga, Ontario. Keep up with the company on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


AMAG is a reputable name in the energy and oil and gas segment, nestled comfortably in the sphere of test and measurement. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn presence.

Summitt Energy

Summitt Energy is a retail energy marketer offering natural gas and electricity to homes and businesses across Canada. They also provide Home Services through various rental, program, and plan options. Visit their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more information.

Superior Propane

As an industry player in the Biomass Energy, Energy, Fuel, and the Oil and Gas sectors, Superior Propane maintains a well-rounded profile. Interact with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn


Integrating the fields of Biomass Energy, Energy, and Oil and Gas, Gedex carries a unique stance in the industry. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Carremm Controls

Carremm Controls has marked its territory in the Energy, Industrial, and Oil and Gas sectors. Learn more about this progressive company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Safety Power

Safety Power is a renowned name in Energy Efficiency, Environmental Engineering, Manufacturing, and the Oil and Gas industry. The company focuses on controlling harmful emissions from diesel and natural gas onsite power engines. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Suncor Energy – Petro-Canada Lubricants business

As part of Suncor Energy, the Petro-Canada Lubricants business in Mississauga stands as the country’s largest producer of base oils. With product innovation and a global sales and distribution network, they are a major piece in the Canadian energy puzzle.

National Compressed Air Canada

National Compressed Air Canada has a firm footing in the Manufacturing and Oil and Gas sectors. Emphasizing industrial manufacturing and mechanical engineering, they make a compelling argument for their place among the industry’s top contenders. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Canaf Petro-Chemicals Refinery

A key player in the Energy, Manufacturing, and Oil and Gas industries, Canaf Petro-Chemicals Refinery is a major addition to Mississauga’s line-up of energy companies. Visit their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels.

Written by Mark Smith

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