Revolutionising Energy: Spotlight on Málaga-based Innovations in Andalusian Power Sector

The city of Málaga, Andalucia, in sunny Spain is not just famous for its rich culture and history, but is also making waves in the Energy industry. A growing hub for innovation, Málaga is home to an impressive roster of companies committed to renewable energy and energy efficiency. This sector is a definitive cornerstone in building a sustainable future. From harnessing solar power, improving energy efficiency, to developing advanced technology for clean energy, these companies are instrumental in progressing towards a greener planet.

As part of our series on companies spearheading the energy revolution, we are highlighting those headquartered in Málaga, Andalucia. Situated against the backdrop of Spain’s Mediterranean coastline, these companies are not just inspired by beautiful sceneries, they are motivated by a global challenge; to transform the Energy industry. Each of these firms brings unique approaches to the industry, however, all are unified under the same objective; a sustainable, efficient future for Energy.

With our focus on Málaga, we explore the remarkable companies leading change and fostering advancements in the world of Energy, from small start-ups to established corporations. Here are the noteworthy companies scaling new heights in the Energy industry, all making Málaga, Andalucia a significant site in this global narrative.

Novaluz Energia PYMES

Founded in Málaga, Andalucia, Novaluz Energia PYMES is a bleeding-edge company invested in Electrical Distribution, Energy, and Renewable Energy. With their dedication to Billing and furthering green power, they have paved their place as steady contributors to the Energy industry in Spain. [Novaluz on Facebook]( [Novaluz on Linkedin](


An Energy Efficiency and Sustainability specialist, WAISENSE operates from Málaga, Andalucia, and champions the commendable cause of water conservation, carving a sizable niche in the Energy world. [WAISENSE on Twitter]( [WAISENSE on Facebook]( [WAISENSE on Linkedin](


Solarnub is a Spanish-based construction firm, known for making strides in the solar power industry. An up and coming generator in Renewable Energy operations, Solarnub is situated in Málaga, Andalucia and has rendered serviceable contributions towards a sustainable future in the industry. [Soalrnub on Twitter]( [Solarnub on Facebook]( [Solarnub on Linkedin](


Bettergy, with its founders Aitor Castillo, Antonio Ruiz, and Yesnier Bravo, is hard at work in the fields of energy, Information Technology, and renewable energy. This web intelligence platform for Energy Efficiency is a gem of Málaga and is working towards a change in the current energy model. [Bettergy on Twitter]( [Bettergy on Linkedin](


HydroOx Tech Corp is a trailblazing developer of high-efficiency solutions for obtaining clean energy sources from water. This company, located in Málaga, Andalucia, stands out in the Clean Energy sector with its zero-emissions applications.


Cryptosolartech is a disruptive enterprise that encompasses blockchain, cryptocurrency, and renewable energy. Based in Málaga, Andalucia, this company is seamlessly integrating and innovating across industries. [Cryptosolartech on Twitter]( [Cryptosolartech on Facebook]( [Cryptosolartech on Linkedin](


Challenging the status quo, olivoENERGY is embarking on a European energy transition with a savvy and innovative approach to the energy industry. Located in Málaga, Andalucia, they are a trusted independent partner designing new regulations and market strategies. [olivoENERGY on Twitter]( [olivoENERGY on Linkedin](


Q-Tech, based in Málaga, Andalucia, operates a series of areas including manufacturing, renewable energy, shipping, and technical support. Beyond its technological prowess, it also offers automation, renewable energy, and intelligent HVAC systems. [Q-Tech on Twitter]( [Q-Tech on Linkedin](

Novasol energia solar

Novasol Energia Solar, a solar energy company sets an example in the Energy, Manufacturing, and Sales sectors. This Málaga-based company is leading the march towards a sustainable future by harnessing the power of the sun. [Novasol on Twitter]( [Novasol on Facebook](


Isofoton, located in Málaga, is a standout amongst the most trusted manufacturers in the Solar and Renewable Energy industry. It is committed to bringing sustainable and renewable energy solutions to the global market, positioning itself as one of the Spanish leaders in the sector.


Sirae, founded by Victoria Parra Hernandez, is an intelligent system that empowers users to manage home electrical appliances using their mobile phones thereby aiding energy conservation. Sirae is a key player in Energy Efficiency and Energy Management in Málaga, Andalucia. [Sirae on Twitter]( [Sirae on Facebook]( [Sirae on Linkedin](

Written by Mark Smith

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