Exploring Revolutionary Energy Companies Headquartered in Saint Gallen, Switzerland


The energy industry is undergoing a vast transformation due significant ecological concerns, exponential technological advancements, and the rapid growth of renewable sources. Among places harvesting these changes, Saint Gallen, a Swiss city, has become a hub for numerous energy companies that are reshaping the way we consume and produce energy. Diversity, innovation, and environmental-friendliness are the key features that set these companies apart.

It is from such diversity, Swiss city of Saint Gallen has harvested the potential to stand out in the energy industry with a plethora of companies moving forward with innovative ideas and revolutionary projects. These include small startups working on niche technologies as well as larger, established companies expanding their profiles with forward-thinking products and services. This article will put the spotlight on several of these companies.

The Swiss city of Saint Gallen has a rich history, broad cultural vibrancy and, now, a thriving energy industry. It boasts a multitude of innovative energy companies that are not only transforming their local economy but are also making remarkable strides in the global industry. Let’s delve into the profiles of these companies.

Sankt Galler Stadtwerke

Bearing the city’s name, Sankt Galler Stadtwerke branches out into several sectors including energy, water purification, and transportation. The broad domain of this cornerstone company reflects a comprehensive approach to sustainability and efficiency. Find them on Facebook.

Decision Trees

Co-founded by Georg Ostermaier, Decision Trees works at the intersection of consulting, energy, and software. This blend of services enables their expertise in presenting innovative solutions to complex energy-related problems. Connect with them via LinkedIn.

innosolv AG

Specializing in the energy and software industries, innosolv AG offers unique software solutions designed to streamline energy management. More information can be found on their LinkedIn page.


HB THERM AG showcases their impeccable skills in the areas of energy management, energy storage, and manufacturing, weaving a vein of sustainability throughout their operations.

TCA Thermoclima AG

A company that prides itself in energy, industrial design, industrial engineering, and manufacturing, TCA Thermoclima AG promises solid craftsmanship and durable solutions within the realm of energy.

Kempter Partner AG

Taking a unique approach, Kempter Partner AG’s portfolio covers biomass energy, industrial and mechanical engineering. The company seeks to best leverage natural resources to harness energy efficiently.

Rhy Biogas AG

Specializing in advanced materials, energy, and waste management, Rhy Biogas AG capitalizes on modern waste management techniques to generate energy, revolutionizing the realm of waste-to-energy conversion.


A comprehensive consulting office for construction, energy, and environment, Energenta offers a plethora of services from construction to energy modernization, architecture, and urban planning. They marry aesthetics and performance in their energy efficient constructions and rehabilitations.

Energieagentur St.Gallen

With a broad spectrum of services like training, electric vehicle support, and renewable energy solutions, Energieagentur St.Gallen aids municipalities, regions, and cantons in their adoption of energy efficiency measures. Don’t forget to visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages or follow them on Twitter.


Primarily an energy company, GallusEnergie also delves into greentech demonstrating the sustainability wave that is surging through the industry.

Pfister Heizungen

Concluding the list, Pfister Heizungen specializes in construction, energy, and industrial services. They exemplify essential services that energize our daily lifestyle.

In summary, these companies reflect the vast landscape of the energy industry in Saint Gallen and their diverse approaches paint an optimistic picture of our sustainable future. Uniting the threads of innovation, sustainability, and efficiency, they are leading the energy transformation in the beautiful Swiss city.


Written by Mark Smith

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