Exploring Trento’s Cutting-Edge Innovators in Italy’s Energy Sector

Located in the heart of Italy’s Trentino-Alto Adige region, the city of Trento has become a hub for energy innovation, housing a diverse array of innovative companies that operate in fields as diverse as renewable energy, nanotechnology, electrical distribution, and augmented reality. This article will highlight a few of these forward-thinking companies, exploring their work and contributions to the energy industry. Riding a wave of technological innovation and environmental consciousness, these companies are not just shaping the future of energy in Italy, but across the world.


Founded by Bruno Conci, CBE is a leading name in the European electrical and electronic plant engineering field. Operating from 3 factories, CBE designs, develops, and produces complete systems catered to the specific needs of recreational vehicle manufacturers. With its headquarters nestled in Trento, CBE has carved out a niche in the renewable energy sector, with a particular emphasis on solar energy.

HP Energy

HP Energy is another prominent name in Trento’s energy industry. The company’s mission is to research, develop, produce, and market innovative products and services in the renewable energy, saving, and energy efficiency sectors. Offering pico hydroelectric plants for kinetic energy recovery in hydraulic pipelines, HP Energy’s services extend to aqueducts for agricultural and industrial use.


With its roots in Augmented Reality, Energy, Information Technology, and Software, Arcoda is a unique addition to Trento’s energy landscape. Though information about the company is limited, their work in AR and energy points to an innovative approach to the field.

Koral Technologies

Established in 2019, Koral Technologies is a research-and-development intensive company that deals in technologies critical to tomorrow’s innovations. Primarily focused on advanced manufacturing technologies, Koral aims to provide solutions for next-generation energy efficient electronics.

Brennero Innovazioni Tecnologiche

Brennero Innovazioni Tecnologiche, located in Trento, operates in a variety of sectors clear across the energy industry. While details of their work are sparse, they are a key player in energy, energy management, nanotechnology, and product management.

3 New

3 New, a joint venture between Ardian and the Tozzi Group, specialises in the development of renewable energy production. With a focus on solar and biomass sources, this company is making significant strides in promoting renewable energy within Italy.

Optima Lighting

Optima Lighting, as their name implies, specialises in electric lighting and manufactures equipment for a variety of sectors including the petroleum, retail, and highway industries. By tailoring projects to meet specific customer needs, Optima Lighting builds relationships founded on robust customer service.

Tamanini Hydro

Another of Trento’s energy magnates, Tamanini Hydro operates in the industrial, manufacturing, and renewable energy sectors. Information on their operations is limited, but they bear mentioning for their contribution to the Trento energy scene.

Dolomites Energy

Dolomites Energy is a key player in the energy and renewable energy sectors. Specific details of their operations are limited, but they bring another layer of diversity to Trento’s energy industry.


Etway, a company operating in the energy and transportation fields, is part of Trento’s colourful energy landscape. Like several of the companies mentioned, details regarding their operations are limited.

Tozzi Nord

Concluding our list is Tozzi Nord, a company that works in the energy sector with a special focus on wind energy. Though specifics of their operations are not available, their niche in wind energy secures their spot in Trento’s energy scene.

In conclusion, Trento houses an impressive range of companies operating in the energy sector, each with their unique contribution and approach. Be it solar energy, nanotechnology, software or wind energy, these companies are at the cutting edge of their respective fields, driving new levels of innovation and setting the stage for a future where renewable, sustainable energy is not just a dream, but a reality.

Written by Mark Smith

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