Exploring Providence’s Pioneers in the American Renewable Energy Sector

Welcome to another exciting addition to our series which focuses on companies at the spearhead of the Energy industry right in Providence, Rhode Island. Our focus area houses the leaders in renewable and clean energy, bringing the future to the present. These companies are constantly pushing the envelope in their specialised areas – from artificial intelligence to renewable energy, wind energy and energy-efficient systems.

Providence, Rhode Island is not only the capital and biggest city of the U.S state but also a hub for energy innovation and conservation. The corporations considered in this article either have headquarters or major operations located in Providence. Let’s explore these organizations and understand the invaluable role they play in shaping our green future.

Looking at the energy sector from various perspectives, we will get to know the ten businesses that are not only the pioneers but also the lifeline of Providence and Rhode Island at large. In this article, we will provide an overview of each of these companies, their work, and how they are changing the world.


Founded by Jeremy Wilson, Utilidata is a tech company that offers an intersection of AI, clean energy, and the power grid service industry. Their smart grid chip presents an unrivaled computing power that helps manage rapid decarbonization and severe weather. Keep updated with their work on their LinkedIn page.


VCharge, co-founded by Bob Chatham, David Durfee, George Baker, and Jessica Millar, specializes in the Energy and Renewable Energy industry. They provide services like energy arbitrage and grid services. They have an intricate and effective LinkedIn and Facebook page where they regularly update developments and advances.

Narragansett Electric

Narragansett Electric is the largest electricity transmission and distribution service provider to Rhode Island. They’ve approximately 780,000 happy customers using their energy efficiency services.

Deepwater Wind

Deepwater Wind is an American offshore wind project developer. They chiefly operate across the United States, developing, constructing, operating, and managing renewable wind power projects. Their work can be followed on their LinkedIn and Facebook page.


Founded by Christopher Leidigh, Alektrona offers software solutions for advanced metering infrastructure, demand side management, and other energy-related applications. Their clients include municipalities, utilities, and energy services companies.

Smart Green Solar

Smart Green Solar is a solar company providing energy-saving solutions through the RE-growth program. They also offer comprehensive customer support to address any queries. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources

The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources develops policies and programs that cater to the state’s evolving energy needs while promoting environmental sustainability and energy security. Follow developments at Rhode Island’s energy office on their Twitter page.

Solaris Nanosciences

Solaris Nanosciences specializes in the development and manufacture of nanomaterials for light-harvesting applications. They provide rechargeable dye sensitized solar cells for solar energy displays, vision, and chemical/biological sensing.


Fouder by Anthony Baro, E2SOL focuses on renewable energy innovations and product development. You can stay connected with them on LinkedIn.

Deepwater Wind

Another company named Deepwater Wind that operates in Providence majorly focuses on Wind Energy. Their operations can be followed on Facebook.

Optimizer Heat Systems, Inc.

Lastly, Optimizer Heat Systems is an energy management company in the Green Building and Internet of Things (IoT) space that specializes in green consumer goods and smart home products.

Written by Mark Smith

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