Monrovia’s Leading Innovators Revolutionizing California’s Energy Technology Landscape

The effort to move toward cleaner, more sustainable forms of energy is growing, showcasing innovative companies making their mark within the energy industry. A remarkable number of these companies are located within a relatively small geographical area, Monrovia, California, United States. What makes Monrovia particularly notable in the energy sector’s modern narrative is the presence of several diverse and innovative corporations operating there. This article turns the spotlight on these firms, each working on its version of our future’s sustainable energy landscape. We will take a look at companies operating in areas like aerospace, solar energy, battery technology, energy storage, and even software development for energy applications.

While the thrust of the global energy narrative now primarily revolves around renewable and cleaner alternatives, it’s instructive to note that these companies are implementing innovative technologies and solutions across a broad spectrum of areas. Whether it’s harnessing solar energy more efficiently, developing next-generation battery systems, or utilizing aerospace technology for energy solutions, these companies are shaping the future of energy one innovation at a time.

Notably, their solutions aren’t focused solely on renewable sources of energy. Several of these corporations are making significant strides in improving energy efficiency and developing advanced energy storage systems vital to the broader implementation of renewable energy. Let’s take a closer look at these corporations, each contributing to forging a path to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future from their base in Monrovia, California.


Founded by Paul B. MacCready Jr, AeroVironment has positioned itself as a leader in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and electric energy systems. Their work has significant implications for both transport and green energy. From supplying UAS to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to building cutting-edge electric vehicle charging systems, AeroVironment is at the forefront of these rapidly growing industries. Their commitment to usher in a world of clean transportation alternatives is evident in their portfolio of efficient energy systems. Find more info on AeroVironment on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @aerovironment Twitter page.

Alionyx Energy Systems

Another notable company in Monrovia is Alionyx Energy Systems. Founded by Zeiad Muntasser, this energy firm operates primarily within the renewable energy sector, focusing on solar energy. While details about their specific energy projects are scant, there is no denying the important role they are playing in the shift toward renewable energy.

CODA Energy

Headquartered in Monrovia, CODA Energy designs and builds scalable energy storage solutions. Their products include advanced batteries managed through a sophisticated power source controller. Already, CODA Energy professionals have deployed significant energy storage in both stationary and mobile applications. You can connect with them on their LinkedIn and @CODAEnergy Twitter page.


Lincus operates within the renewable energy sector. As a green energy firm located in Monrovia, they are contributing to the industry’s burgeoning growth and the larger shift towards clean, renewable energy. Find Lincus on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Soliant Energy

Soliant Energy came into existence in 2005 and has set out to provide the best solar solutions for commercial rooftops. Its products are intended primarily for rooftops in hot, dry, and sunny locations where the company assures it provides an outstanding payback for solar electricity.

Solaris Technical

Solaris Technical operates within the energy and energy-efficiency sector. They are another great company based in Monrovia, specializing in delivering energy-efficient solutions to the market.

GeoMechanics Technologies

GeoMechanics Technologies operates within the energy and software industry. They are instrumental in providing energy-specific software solutions. They offer excellent services and can be caught upon LinkedIn.

ARVA Energetika

Active in more than 16 countries, ARVA Energetika is a Russian energy corporation offering services in every aspect of oil, gas, and renewable energy industries. Founded in 2010 by Sergei Kolobashkin and Maxim Chistyakov, the company’s activities range from exploration and production to chemicals manufacturing and sales, and power generation. Connect with them on @ARVAEnergetika.

LiNova Energy

LiNova Energy, founded by Lin-Feng Li, is a developer of ultra-high energy density batteries. They aim to deliver a sustainable energy storage solution by marrying their Polymer Cathode with a novel 3-D Lithium Metal anode to design efficient battery systems. Their innovative approach reduces the cost of cathode materials significantly, decreases CO2 emissions during production, and lightens the weight of the battery.

Written by Mark Smith

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