Revolutionizing Energy Sector: Harare’s Innovating Zimbabwean Powerhouse Enterprises


In an era of increasing cognizance towards energy sustainability, Zimbabwe stands out as a strong player, crowning Harare as the home-ground of pioneers in the energy industry. Ranging from established power grids providing electricity to millions, to innovative startups revolutionizing solar energy, Harare nurtures a varied landscape of companies devoted to elevating energy accessibility and reliability. Here, we highlight some of Zimbabwe’s champions in the energy scene, firmly headquartered in Harare.

Each of these companies brings a unique quality to the energy sector. The diversity in their operations, ranging from power generation and distribution to those centered on clean and renewable energy, has been instrumental in moving Zimbabwe progressively towards energy independence. Their combined effect has not only boosted Zimbabwe’s domestic energy capabilities, but it has also facilitated the integration of remote areas into the national grid system.

The pioneering spirits leading these dynamic companies have successfully created a blend between viability and responsibility. Their relentless efforts continue to chart the course towards a future where Zimbabwe becomes synonymous with smart, clean, and efficient energy solutions. Let’s delve into the operations of each of these twelve energy companies, making their mark on Zimbabwe’s energy terrain.

ZESA Holdings

ZESA Holdings specializes in electrical distribution and energy, primarily focusing on widening the reach of the power grid. Working tirelessly to bridge the gap between electricity supply and demand, ZESA Holdings is heavily invested in expanding electricity generation. (Facebook)

Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company is another major player in the energy scene, responsible for distributing and retailing electricity to the final end-user. They play a critical role in ensuring the reliable supply of electricity throughout Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Power Company

Zimbabwe Power Company brings sustainable electricity generation and supply at its core. The company plays a key role in power generation, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the nation.

Zonful Energy

Zonful Energy, founded by William Ponela, commits to the mission of bringing affordable and reliable off-grid green energy solutions to the people. (Facebook)

Sun Plugged Energy

Founded by Fidelis Mashonga, Sun Plugged Energy is dedicated to providing rural communities with access to renewable energy solutions. The company’s innovative offering combines energy access with connectivity, thus advancing the lives of people in remote areas into the broader economy.(Facebook)(LinkedIn)

Zuva Petroleum

Zuva Petroleum, while mainly focusing on the oil and gas sector, play a crucial role in the energy landscape in Zimbabwe. The company’s wide range of professional services complement the energy sector in a unique way.(Facebook)(LinkedIn)

FML Oil Company of Zimbabwe Limited

The FML Oil Company of Zimbabwe Limited is instrumental in the distribution of petroleum products within Zimbabwe. Their start-to-finish logistics expertise has made them the go-to for much of the Regional oil industry.

Oxygen Africa

Founded by Simbarashe Mhuriro, Oxygen Africa is a renewable energy development company specializing in solar photovoltaic projects. They have managed to carve a niche in Zimbabwe’s energy market with their technological innovation.(LinkedIn)

Clamore Solar

Clamore Solar provides alternative energy solutions for homes and industrial uses. Their diverse range of products includes mini solar power plants, pumps, street lights, and solar home and office hybrid power systems.(LinkedIn)

Axis Power

Under the leadership of Vedvyas, Axis Power offers affordable solar solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial clients in the Southern African Region. Their best class engineering and design have put them at the forefront of the solar energy sector.

Powerlive Zimbabwe

Powerlive Zimbabwe is a social enterprise that not only sells, distributes, and installs new generations of modular solar home and business energy systems but also provides these on a Pay As You Go (PAYG) basis.(LinkedIn)


Written by Mark Smith

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