Palo Alto’s Pioneering Companies Transcending Boundaries in Solar Tech Industry


Palo Alto: A Hub of Solar Innovation

The city of Palo Alto, California, known for its tech-forward nature and entrepreneurial spirit, is also the home base for a host of solar energy companies. These firms are dedicated to propelling the solar industry forward, innovating in everything from renewable energy storage to solar system design services. They are paving the way for a more sustainable future with cleaner, greener technologies.

What makes Palo Alto’s solar landscape unique is its concentration of ventures ranging from established businesses to budding start-ups. These companies are revolutionising not just the energy sector, but also the manufacturing, analytics, crowd funding, financial services, and enterprise software industries. All move with a common purpose, harnessing the sun’s power for a diversified array of uses.

Let’s delve deeper into the profiles of some of these noteworthy Palo Alto-based solar companies.


Founded by Robert Mierisch and Stephen J. Bisset, Terrajoule is in the business of clean energy, delivering modular 2MW solar power stations with storage that dispatch clean energy 24 hours a day. Founded in 2009, its commitment to renewable energy and energy storage sets it apart. Check out their LinkedIn for more details.


Nuvosun is a venture by Dave Pearce. It focuses on the production of photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules based on flexible Copper Indium/Gallium di-Selenide (CIGS) technology. Such innovations are an essential part of their mission to reduce the cost of PV cells and modules. You can connect with them through Facebook and LinkedIn.

Analytics Fire

Founded by Dan Oblinger and Nick Allen, Analytics Fire operates in the junction of analytics, cloud infrastructure, enterprise software and Internet of Things. The company thrives in the solar industry with a cutting-edge approach. Their LinkedIn is a great source for updates.


Aditya Bhatt, the founder of AMB INDUSTRIES INC., takes a comprehensive approach towards energy, envisioned as a world free from fossil fuel use. The company’s inventiveness is best exemplified by the Freejulator, a product that can potentially outperform fossil fuels and solar cells. You can follow their strides on Facebook and LinkedIn.


MAP RE/ES is a pivotal player in the energy sector, with wind and solar power plants spread across the United States. Their vast generating capacity, significantly contributes to renewable energy sources.

Village Power Finance

Founded by Ty Jagerson, Village Power Finance is a unique merger of clean energy, crowdfunding, and financial service sectors. The firm enables community-driven institutions to go solar by members investing in the system for a profitable, long-term return. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


SolarBuddy aims to be the solar industry’s leading online marketplace, where consumers can compare quotes, purchase products and access information about the solar industry. They generate revenue from selling market data and lead generation services to solar companies. They are equally approachable through Facebook.

Utility Scale Solar

Utility Scale Solar operates with the sole purpose of tracking the sun. They are equipped with a unique technology that enables a different architecture for all types of solar tracking, making them more optimized for global solar deployment conditions.

St Lawrence Energy Corp

St. Lawrence Energy Corp. is committed to delivering semiconductor solutions for the solar panel. Their mission is to become a paired developer of green and clean energy sources.

Alcanzar Solar

Founded by Wenny Noha, Alcanzar Solar is on a mission to lower the cost of Solar Technology by creating affordable and innovative solutions. Their projects focus on solar thermal water heaters and solar water purification and desalination. You can follow their progress on Twitter.

Palo Alto Solar

Palo Alto Solar is a name well associated with site evaluations and solar system design services for residences and business throughout California. Their comprehensive site evaluation services leave no stone unturned in assessing the feasibility of a solar project.


Written by Mark Smith

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