Fort Worth’s Solar Power Pioneers: Key Influencers in Texas Sustainability

With climate change being a pressing issue today, the world is accelerating its shift towards renewable energy sources, and the state of Texas is no exception. Known as the land of oil and gas, it is now emerging as a significant player in the solar energy industry. In this article, we will shed light on some solar energy companies based in Fort Worth, Texas, that are trailblazing in the industry and perhaps changing the state’s energy landscape.

The development of solar energy in Texas has increased over the last decade. The state has capitalized on its vast land and sunny weather conditions through the installation of solar panels on buildings and homes, deploying solar farms, and even integrating solar energy into the power grid. The companies discussed here are pioneers in providing solar power solutions in various forms such as utility-scale projects, commercial applications, and residential solutions.

Whether you’re interested in sustainable living, a career in the solar industry, an investor, policymaker, or an enthusiast in renewable energy, this article on Fort Worth’s home-grown solar companies is for you. You’ll learn about what these local companies are doing, the services offered, and how to reach out to them for further inquiries or collaboration.

Bridgelink Power

Bridgelink Power is a specialized firm operating in the energy storage, renewable energy, and solar sectors. They are experts in developing, constructing, and operating utility-scale solar and energy storage projects. Although the company’s founders have not been specified, the firm is committed to leveraging solar power and delivering green energy solutions.

Baseline Energy Service

Baseline Energy Service, spearheaded by Graham Radler, operates in the delivery, energy, logistics, renewable energy, and solar industries. The company’s social media handles include @baselineenergy on Twitter and Baseline Energy Services on Facebook.

Global Efficient Energy

Founded by Abe Issa in 2011, Global Efficient Energy provides full-service energy solutions and solar power products to residential customers. Their aim is to save homeowners money on their energy bills by equipping them with green energy technology. You can find them on Facebook and LinkedIn under the handle @GlobalEfficient.


Envirosolar, another venture by Abe Issa, strives to transform homes into a self-sustaining solar energy machine, offering commercial, agricultural, and residential solar solutions. For more information, check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Newark Energy LLC

Newark Energy LLC operates broadly within the energy industry focusing on energy, mining, renewable energy, and solar.

Circle L Solar

Circle L Solar offers services in the energy, energy efficiency, energy management, lighting, and solar industries. They run an active Facebook page and can also be found on LinkedIn.

Entech Solar

Initiated by Mark O’Neill, Entech Solar, Inc. works on the design, development, and commercialization of solar energy systems. The Fort Worth-based company concentrates on modules that provide both electricity and thermal energy.

Kastner Land Services

Kastner Land Services, operating in the energy, renewable energy, and solar sectors, also has a Facebook page.

A2Z Security Cameras

A2Z Security Cameras is a global provider of brand-name security systems integrating solar and wireless technology, dedicated to improving security everywhere. To get a closer look, head to their Facebook page.

Current Solar

Current Solar provides a diverse array of solar energy solutions for their residential customers. They also offer solar analysis to assess possible savings and display plug-and-play solutions for solar energy. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more information.

My Own Power

My Own Power, founded by Keri Blalock, operates in energy, renewable energy, and solar sectors. For more details about My Own Power, visit their Facebook page.

Each of these Fort Worth-based companies exemplifies innovation and commitment to a more sustainable future, contributing to the shift from traditional energy sources to renewable solar power. Keep an eye on these firms as they continue to harness the sun’s power, contributing significantly to Texas’s emerging status as a leader in solar energy.

Written by Mark Smith

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