Vienna’s Pioneering Solar Firms Shaping Tomorrow’s Sustainable Energy Landscape

Welcome to another fascinating series by Futurology magazine where we explore the innovative companies residing in the solar industry from around the globe. Our current attention is on Vienna, Wien, Austria – a remarkable hub for green technology and renewable energy. We’ll be diving into the backgrounds, goals and unique approaches of a diverse selection of solar companies based in the heart of Austria’s capital. Vienna houses a plethora of companies dedicated to transforming our approach to energy, focusing on sustainability, efficiency, and most importantly, solar power. These companies are pioneering their respective industries, developing new technologies, and truly pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible.


With founders Dieter Meissner and Thomas Badegruber at its helm, crystalsol is a renewable energy company that develops a novel type of flexible photovoltaic technology. The technology leverages the benefits of highly efficient single-crystalline materials in combination with a cheap roll-to-roll production process. The company’s unique approach circumvents issues common to traditional photovoltaic plants, resulting in a significantly less capital-intensive manufacturing setup.

viRaTechnologies GmbH

Devised by founders Alexander Lampret and Roland Groesslich, viRaCube by viRaTechnologies GmbH brings intelligent irrigation to your garden. Powered by solar energy, viRaCube uses sensors and valves connected together to irrigate the garden according to moisture levels and other requirements. It can integrate into an existing smart home system or operate as a standalone solution, with its technology designed for a variety of applications. viRaTechnologies takes the principle of greenThinking to new depths, from the garden and beyond.


Founded by Martin Putschek, Swimsol is dedicated to developing floating photovoltaic systems, specifically designed for off-grid regions such as protected tropical lagoon regions, where land for solar systems is scarce. This innovative approach makes renewable energy accessible even in challenging geographical locations.


Another crucial player in Vienna’s renewable energy sector is Enery, a construction-based firm. Although more information on their specific approach and initiatives is needed, they remain a noteworthy company in the solar industry.

Activ Solar

Activ Solar is a global solar energy company that manages a portfolio of solar assets. With a polysilicon production history dating back to 1964, Activ Solar is committed to developing the solar industry, focusing on upstream developments and selective creation of large-scale photovoltaic solar parks. Despite being based in Vienna, its influence is spread much further afield.

oekostrom AG

In contrast to other companies, which focus on production, oekostrom AG‘s focus is on solar energy distribution with 100% energy coming from sun, wind, water and biomass, letting users minimize their carbon footprint without compromising their energy requirements.


A leading PV performance optimization specialist, Alteso combines deep PV knowledge with analytics innovation. The result is PEAK, their autonomous PV plant analytics platform that improves upon rudimentary analysis and second-rate technology solutions currently prevalent in the industry.


Another key figure in Vienna’s solar industry, REEEP is part of the global energy and renewable energy sector. While more specifics are needed, they remain an important company dedicated to the world of renewable energy.


Dachgold advises companies in Austria on implementing photovoltaic systems on their roofs. Specializing in economic efficiency consulting and the calculation of solar production costs, this company aims to have a solar system on every company roof in Austria.

Tausendundein Dach

Building on Dachgold’s mission, Tausendundein Dach has the ambitious goal of equipping 1001 company roofs with photovoltaic systems by 2020. They offer a complete package for companies, providing consultation, planning, and implementation of turnkey systems.


Created by Peak, the namesake algorithm uses machine learning to handle big data. The advanced analytics platform will be used by Global Performance Models to provide superior analytics services to the global solar industry, utilizing visualized insights and AI-driven solutions.

Each of these companies plays a critical role in pushing the boundaries of the solar power sector, serving as a testament to Austria’s commitment to a sustainable future. Their progress and innovation inspire both national and global change towards a cleaner environment.

Written by Mark Smith

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