Orlando’s Thriving Innovators: Spotlight on Smart Home Tech Pioneers

The realm of smart home technology is continually evolving and it’s an industry that sees constant innovation. Companies across the globe strive to revolutionize the way we live by integrating advanced technology into our homes, improving security, efficiency, and convenience. Today, we spotlight several noteworthy companies operating the Smart Home industry, all headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

These companies vary in their areas of expertise – from consumer electronics and smart building solutions to furniture integration and advanced security systems. There’s an undeniable buzz around how these companies are changing the face of our homes, introducing the concept of ‘living smart’ on a larger scale. In this article, we’ll explore their unique offerings, respective founders, and more.

It’s fascinating to see how each of these companies contribute to a rapidly growing “smart” industry, helping residential users gain full control and visibility over their homes. Let’s delve into the heart of Orlando’s smart home industry, and discover more about these pioneering companies.

UniKey Technologies

Founded by Phil Dumas in 2010, UniKey Technologies is continuously disrupting the consumer electronics and smart home tech market. The company specializes in generating intelligent keys for smart buildings and mobile platforms, providing touch-to-open technology, multiple levels of security, and innovative eKey systems. They’ve partnered with major lock manufacturers to create practical smart lock solutions for both small and large commercial businesses and multifamily properties. Follow
them on Facebook and
LinkedIn to stay updated.

Avesta Bridgewater

Promoting the concept of ‘Living Abundantly’, Avesta Bridgewater plays an integral part in the smart building and smart home industry. Stay in touch with them on Facebook.

Personal Comfort

Personal Comfort brings innovation to everyday furniture and home improvement needs. As a subsidiary of American National Manufacturing, the company designs and produces air-adjustable mattresses that can cater to the varying requirements of the human body. Their 40-year old legacy and commitment to manufacturing make them a trusted choice. Catch up with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Millennium Systems Design

Leading the way in physical security and smart home technology, Millennium Systems Design offers a wide range of services. From implementing security measures and lighting and shading controls to structured wiring and home theatres – they do it all. They are known for their cutting-edge engineering services and robust surge protection solutions. Engage with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Southeast Wiring Solutions

Operating in the realm of electronics, security, and smart home technology, Southeast Wiring Solutions brings a wealth of expertise. Whether you’re looking for advanced security systems or smart home solutions, they’ve got you covered. Look them up on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Fuse Connect

Fuse Connect is the hub for all your smart devices. Their compatible, user-friendly interface allows homeowners to govern everything from climate control to smart appliances. Constantly expanding their compatibility list, they’re making smart living more accessible. Keep a tab on them via Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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