Revolutionizing Smart Home Innovations: Spotlight on Petah Tiqva Enterprises

Welcome to the world of smart homes! As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so do our homes. In this series, we are going to highlight some companies paving the way for the future of our homes in one particularly technologically driven city. Petah Tiqva, located in HaMerkaz, Israel, is a hub for innovative companies operating in the Smart Home industry. These companies are leading the charge in designing and manufacturing devices that will turn your home into a smart home, integrating technology into aspects of home life you may never have imagined. Petah Tiqva is the birthplace of some of the most progressive and revolutionary smart home companies, providing futuristic technologies that will redefine how we live in our homes.

These companies are not only contributing to the technological advancement of our homes but also making them more efficient and sustainable. From Internet of Things (IoT) irrigation systems that can reduce water consumption by up to 50% to interconnected smart devices that can track your energy consumption, these companies are revolutionizing home management. Through integrating technology into aspects of our homes, these companies are transforming the way our homes function, ultimately helping us to save money, conserve resources and live more efficiently.

Here, we highlight seven such companies based in Petah Tiqva, providing you with an insight into their operations, their vision, and the products they offer. These companies are just a glimpse at the vibrant and innovative technological scene that characterizes this region of Israel. Each with its unique approach and groundbreaking products, they represent the forefront of the Smart Home technology revolution.


Founders, Odi Dahan, and his team at GreenIQ have developed an IoT platform for efficient landscape irrigation. GreenIQ’s platform, which controls irrigation scheduling based on current and forecasted weather conditions, can reduce water consumption by up to 50%. Furthermore, GreenIQ offers an accessible and user-friendly app that controls a Wi-Fi and 3G connected smart sprinkler. For more information, visit their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter page.


Founder, Yair Mizrahi’s innovation HomiSmart offers a family of connected smart devices designed to make your home more connected and your life easier. With the ability to control your electrical appliances remotely, Homismart is providing solutions to save time, money and energy. You can learn more on their Facebook or LinkedIn page.


Founded by Galia Ben-Dor and Michael Ben-Dor, Wall-Smart blends functional control with aesthetic design. With their flush mounts, Wall-Smart seamlessly integrates technology into any wall or ceiling, making it a perfect fit for residential and commercial applications. Visit their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter page for further insights.

I Feel Smart Home Systems

At I Feel Smart Home Systems they offer installation services for IP communication systems, home theaters, and AV systems. The company targets residential towers, boutique buildings, urban renewal projects, tamaos, and private construction. Check out their Facebook or LinkedIn page for more information.


Offering a variety of smart home solutions, TouchWand is another company operating at the forefront of the Smart Home industry in Petah Tiqva. They offer a range of products that allow you to control your home’s devices from a central hub. Visit their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter page to learn more.

Isra-Juk Electronics

Isra-Juk Electronics, founded by Itsik Sela, specializes in energy efficiency and public safety solutions. You can visit their website here to learn more about the innovative technologies they are developing for the Smart Home industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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