Utah’s Smart Home Industry Innovators: Spotlight on Salt Lake City

Welcome to the next chapter in our series highlighting companies at the forefront of the Smart Home industry. This installment takes us to Salt Lake City, Utah, where we find innovative technologies blossoming in the heart of the Silicon Slopes. Salt Lake City boasts a unique mix of startup energy and established tech expertise, providing fertile ground for ambitious companies working to redefine how we interact with our home environments. In this article, we’ll explore some of the visionary entities based in this mountain tech hub, revealing how their groundbreaking work promises to revolutionize ‘home sweet home’!

Smart home technologies represent a key intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), software algorithms and innovative user experience. By integrating these cutting-edge technologies, these companies are transforming the daily lives of homeowners— enhancing convenience, increasing energy efficiency, and advancing home entertainment. Let’s delve into the dynamic landscape of smart home innovations with a snapshot of some companies driving this vertical in Salt Lake City.

Whether you’re already embedded in the smart home industry, exploring investment opportunities, or simply curious about this buzzing tech sector, this article offers fascinating insights into businesses driving tomorrow’s home experiences. Each company bio provides a glimpse into their work, founders, and industry positioning. Read on to discover how Salt Lake City is shaping the future of our homes!


Founded by Aaron Kc Hsu, Derek Omori, Evan DeGray, and Kepler Sticka-Jones, Blerp operates in the Apps, Digital Entertainment, Gaming, Internet, IoT, Messaging, Smart Home, Software, and Video Streaming arenas. Blerp harnesses the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to make audio search and sharing a breeze. This innovative platform is all about enhancing moments with integrated, categorized soundbites for Livestreams, Voice chats, social platforms, and the emerging metaverse. Connect with Blerp on @blerp, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Pulse Labs – The Best Insights Have a Pulse

Founded by Abhishek Suthan and Dylan Zwick, Pulse Labs leverages its deep analytical expertise to provide invaluable insights into how people and technology interact in natural settings. Serving an eclectic array of industries, including Smart Home and Smart Building spaces, this dedicated team constantly innovates to enhance user experience. Connect with Pulse Labs on @PulseLabsAI, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Control4 was founded by Eric Smith, Mark J. Morgan, and Will West, produces a wide range of wired and wireless home automation products. These game-changers ease home theater function, multi-room music control, lighting, temperature management, thereby augmenting home security. Interact with Control4 on @Control4, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Living Home Construction & Design

Offering both residential and commercial services, Living Home Construction & Design specializes in construction and renovations, integrating cutting-edge Smart Home technologies into every project. Established in 2007, the Salt-Lake based company works diligently to ensure every project effuses craftsmanship and quality. Get in touch via their LinkedIn page.

Custom Code

Operating in the Home Improvement, Lighting, and Smart Home sector, Custom Code is a Salt Lake City-based company that’s lighting the way in smart solutions for homeowners. Stay connected via their Facebook page.


Under the guidance of founder Ben Despain, IOTransition is working on a product to effortlessly WiFi-connect household light switches. Keep an eye on this company that’s brightening the future of smart homes! You can follow Despain on @jasonlong.

As we continue our journey through the pulsating tech landscape of Salt Lake City, stay tuned for more insights on the vibrant companies shaping the future of smart homes. In Utah’s capital, the future of the connected home is unfolding in surprising and inspiring ways!

Written by Mark Smith

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