Madrid’s Pioneering Companies Making Strides in Clean Energy Technology

Clean Energy Companies in Madrid

At the heart of Spain lies a city known for its rich history, food, art, and culture – Madrid. Today, Madrid is also becoming a hub for game-changing clean energy companies that are shaping the future of global energy. With Spain’s commitment to achieving 100% renewable energy by 2050, these innovators are harnessing the power of the sun, the wind, and cutting-edge technology to create a more sustainable and efficient world. In this feature, we explore some of these progressive companies, all of which have their headquarters located in this vibrant city.

The companies highlighted herein operate in industries that include Clean Energy, Energy, Renewables, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Enterprise Software, Internet of Things, Manufacturing, Consulting, Construction, Electronics, Business Development, and Management Consulting. These organizations exemplify forward-thinking and innovation, showcasing how Madrid is contributing significantly to the global movement of clean, sustainable energy.

Each company listed below is helping to redefine how we view energy consumption, ushering in new methods, technologies, and ideas that lessen our environmental impact and increase efficiency. We provide a brief overview of these companies, their founders, and interactive links to their official websites and various social media platforms.


Founded by Pablo Santos, Nedgia is a corporation specialized in the distribution of natural gas. They are committed to safe and efficient energy usage, distributing gas to various municipalities and providing their consumers with vital safety tips and information. Facebook, LinkedIn.

Oryx Power

Oryx Power is a company committed to energy revolution, focusing specifically in the Clean Energy and Renewable Energy sectors.

Green Momit

Focused on innovating in the Internet of Things sector, Green Momit was founded by Eduardo Rodriguez, Miguel Sanchez, and Miguel Ángel Díez Jusdado. Facebook, LinkedIn.

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures

Founded by Joe Kastner, Fotowatio Renewable Ventures is an advocate for renewable energy and sustainability. LinkedIn.

EDP Renewables

EDP Renewables is a global company committed to value creation, innovation, and sustainability. LinkedIn.

Ocean Winds

Ocean Winds is a pioneer in the wind energy sector. LinkedIn.


Founded by Amadeo Hernandez and Iñaki Herrero Arregui, ENERTIS SOLAR offers high value services for the solar energy sector. Facebook, LinkedIn.

Union Fenosa Gas

Union Fenosa Gas is a Spanish company dedicated to the production and distribution of gas and electricity. LinkedIn.


Founded by Francisco J. García, JEMA ENERGY designs and manufactures Static Power Converters for different sectors. LinkedIn.


Established by Francisco de La Pena, N2S specializes in providing energy intelligence and communications for buildings. Facebook, LinkedIn.

Climate Strategy & Partners

Founded by Peter Sweatman, Climate Strategy & Partners provides consultancy and business development services in the sustainable energy sector. Facebook, LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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