Seattle’s Pioneering Innovators Advancing Clean Energy Technology Revolution

The bustling city of Seattle, Washington, is not just home to the world-renowned Space Needle and a booming tech industry, but it has also become a hotspot for aspiring and established Clean Energy companies. These firms are inventing novel ways to harness the power of the sun, wind, water, and even waste to generate clean, renewable energy. This article series will delve into the profiles of several of these innovative companies based in the Emerald City.

Seattle’s green energy trend isn’t easy to ignore. A bouquet of sustainability-driven startups and enterprises are coming up with ingenious solutions to power the future. From harnessing solar energy at utility-scales to developing zero-emission homes, these companies are illustrative of the green revolution taking shape in this Pacific Northwest city.

As a hub of technological innovation and sustainability, Seattle is fostering a clean energy ecosystem. Let’s dive into some companies making significant strides towards a green and energy-efficient future. Their endeavors not only emphasize Seattle’s role as a clean energy mecca but also underscore the global urgency of transitioning towards renewable energy sources.

OneEnergy Renewables

Founded by Bill Eddie and Bryce Smith in 2009, OneEnergy Renewables focuses on developing utility-scale solar energy. They provide middle-market solar photo-voltaic services, including site selection, leasing, and regulatory approval processes. Their sophisticated energy market expertise helps communities, utilities, and commercial customers transition to clean energy.


Bec Chapin and Donald Bunnell co-founded NODE with a vision to manufacture zero-emission homes. They have developed a patent-pending system which aims to revolutionize residential construction by delivering high-quality homes at half the cost and a tenth the time of conventional construction methods.


Co-founders Burt Hamner and Dane Roth established Hydrobee to use innovative clean energy technology to positively impact lives globally. Their product, the Firebee, transforms heat from stoves into USB charging power for phones and LED lights, connecting isolated communities to mobile networks and providing much-needed clean energy alternatives.

Summit Power Group

Summit Power Group specializes in diverse clean energy technologies, including carbon capture projects for enhanced oil recovery, high-efficiency natural gas-fired power projects, utility-scale photovoltaic solar energy projects, and large wind power projects. Their unique development approach sets them apart in the industry.

Tansa Clean

Tansa Clean, founded by Anisha Shankar and Mario Varon, has a green mission to clean the rivers, lakes, and fields of India by turning human waste into clean energy and pathogen-free fertilizer.

Imperium Renewables

Established by John Plaza, Imperium Renewables is a biodiesel producer that provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuels. Their method not only provides sustainable energy but also creates valuable byproducts such as glycerin.

Tellus Markets

Co-founded by Chip Horton, Tellus Markets is contributing to the CleanTech revolution with its unique business model and commitment to environmental sustainability.


With founder Patrick Phelps at the helm, WhyGrene is engaged in the energy and renewable energy industries based on the principle of sustainable growth and conservation of natural resources.

Jumpstart Energy

Jumpstart Energy is a leading innovator in solar risk analytics, using AI to broaden the addressable solar market and provide lenders with valuable insights about their customers’ risk profiles.

Tangerine Power

Tangerine Power is leveraging the power of crowdfunding to finance clean energy systems, making it possible for more individuals and businesses to switch to renewable energy.

Promus Energy

Promus Energy, co-founded by Dan Evans and Gary Coppedge, is a renewable energy development company that converts organic waste into multiple revenue-generating products. Their activities underscore the vast potential of waste as a resource for producing renewable energy.

Be it hydro, solar, or energy harnessed from waste, these Seattle-based companies are forging paths towards a greener and more sustainable future. They not only encapsulate Seattle’s commitment towards clean energy but also symbolize a global leap towards a planet-friendly future.

Written by Mark Smith

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