Denver’s Revolutionary Clean Energy Enterprises: Shaping Future Sustainability

As the clean energy industry continues to boom, several companies located in Denver, Colorado are at the forefront of innovation in this space. Companies encompassing various sectors, from real-time telemetry to conversational AI, are leading the charge as they create transformative solutions to our globe’s ever-expanding energy demands. This article highlights some of these ground-breaking Denver-based companies.

These companies not only contribute to cleaner energy sources but are also dramatically influencing progressive change within their respective industries. Many of these companies accessing the power of real-time data, geospatial technology, and the Internet of Things. Let’s take a closer look at these dynamic Denver-based organizations making an indelible mark on the clean energy landscape.

The companies we will explore include Cartasite, Demand IQ, GeoSolar Technologies, Nikola Power, Ridgeline Royalties, SolarReviews, RGS Energy, Canary, BNG Fuel, Evergreen Energy, and Black Diamond Minerals.


Established by David Armitage, Cartasite is a tech company that uses real-time telemetry to enhance operations, reduce risk, and improve the utilization of critical assets in the world’s largest energy corporations. Integrating data from various sources into two fully redundant clouds, Cartasite’s algorithms sift through data to identify anomalies that facilitate efficient response from field workers.
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Demand IQ

Founded by Austin Rosenbaum, Demand IQ, is revolutionizing the solar energy industry by helping residential solar providers increase sales and automate the customer acquisition process.
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GeoSolar Technologies

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, GeoSolar Technologies, founded by Brent Mosbarger and Norbert Klebl, develops green technology that uses natural energy sources for carbon-free home. Their patent-pending system harnesses energy from the earth and sun to power homes and cars without fossil fuels.
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Nikola Power

Nikola Power, founded by Ben McConahey, Evan Hung, and Jonathan (J.W.) Postal, is building a software infrastructure that seamlessly integrates and manages distributed energy resources.
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Ridgeline Royalties

Ridgeline Royalties is a company that provides capital to the battery metals industry.
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Founded by Andrew Sendy and Vassie Fitzgerald, SolarReviews is a consumer reviews website specifically catered to the solar industry.
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RGS Energy

RGS Energy, founded by John Schaeffer, is devoted to promoting the adoption of renewable energy to reduce the human ecological footprint. They’ve installed over 25,000 solar energy systems across the country.
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Canary is another Denver-based company active in the clean energy industry. Their work spans across the energy and oil and gas sectors.
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BNG Fuel

Founded by Eliot Barton, BNG Fuel is involved in the distribution and marketing of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a cost-efficient clean energy solution.
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Evergreen Energy

Evergreen Energy is a cleaner coal technology, energy production and environmental solutions company primarily focused on developing and marketing K-Fuel.

Black Diamond Minerals

Active in the clean energy, oil, and gas sectors, Black Diamond Minerals is another company making strides in the clean energy industry. For more details, visit their Linkedin page.

To conclude, these Denver-based companies not only demonstrate the illustrious variety in the clean energy industry but also affirm Denver as a hotbed for clean energy innovation.

Written by Mark Smith

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