Kenyan Sustainability Leaders: Pioneering Green Tech Solutions from Nairobi

As the world continues to grapple with the realities of climate change and declining resources, the sustainability industry is becoming more important than ever. While this burgeoning sector is expanding around the globe, Nairobi, Kenya is emerging as a hotbed of innovation within this industry. With scores of startups and established companies operating in areas from renewable energy to green manufacturing, the city is demonstrating how developing nations can lead the way in creating a sustainable future. This article continues our series on sustainability industry powerhouses, delving into some of the companies that are shaking up the status quo in Nairobi.

The immense variety of these companies and the industries they cover illustrates Nairobi’s diverse and dynamic approach to sustainability. From the agricultural sector to the tech industry, these businesses are proving that sustainable practices can improve economic performance and deliver benefits across the board. Now, let’s introduce each of these fantastic companies.

First on our list is Opibus. This e-mobility manufacturing and development company is aiming to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility in emerging markets. With proprietary EV powertrains, electric motorcycles, power generation systems, and charging infrastructure, Opibus is driving sustainable mobility in Africa. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


We then move on to Mwingi whose industry encompasses point of sale, social impact, supply chain management, and sustainability. The company is leveraging technology to create social impact in communities in Nairobi and beyond. Engage with Mwingi on Twitter or find more about their activities on LinkedIn.

Ten Senses Africa

Next, we have the amazing Ten Senses Africa, which is focused on organic, fair trade, and ethical business operations. By managing a value chain for fair trade products, they have already improved the livelihoods of 1 million smallholder farmers. To learn more, visit their Facebook page or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Safi Power

In the energy sector, Safi Power is working on energy efficiency and management, driving sustainability through innovative solutions. Get in touch with them through their LinkedIn page.

Expression Global Group

Providing services in environmental engineering, sustainability, and water, Expression Global Group is playing a significant role in agricultural productivity for food security and economic solutions. Follow their activities on Facebook.

Lwanda Biotech

In the industry of environmental engineering, pollution control, and sustainability, Lwanda Biotech is making strides. You can connect with them via Twitter or their Facebook page.


Creating an impact in AgTech, CleanTech, Solar, and sustainability, SokoFresh offers cold storage solutions and a digital market linkage platform to small and medium-scale farmers. You can learn more about them on Twitter or LinkedIn.


With a focus on manufacturing, packaging services, product design, and sustainability, Silafrica is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic and packaging solutions. Follow them on Twitter, their Facebook page, or connect via LinkedIn.

African Institute for Development Policy

Contributing significantly in communities, consulting, non-profit, and sustainability, the African Institute for Development Policy is shaping policy and enhancing economic development. Follow them on Twitter, their Facebook page, or connect via LinkedIn.

Kenya Green Supply

Up next, Kenya Green Supply manufactures smart devices that use solar energy to provide homes with access to the internet and digital televisions, playing a crucial role in renewable energy and sustainability. Connect with them on Twitter or their LinkedIn page.


Finally, Brightgreen is dedicated to creating affordable, sustainable energy solutions. This company is in the business of energy, environmental consulting, manufacturing, recycling, renewable energy, and sustainability. You can connect with them via Twitter, their Facebook page, or the LinkedIn page.

All these companies, whether they be startups or established enterprises, are living proof that sustainability can go hand in hand with profitability. They represent the promising future of the sustainability industry in Nairobi, Kenya, and show us that the path to a greener planet may well be paved with innovation.

Written by Mark Smith

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