Sustainable Tech Innovators Leading Eco-Revolution from Dublin’s Heart

This article series focuses on companies in the sustainability industry whose headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland. The Irish capital is a diverse city, known for its strong business hub and boasts of many pioneering companies. The following are some of the noteworthy Dublin-based companies operating in the sustainability sector.

Sustainability is a growing sector worldwide, with an increasing number of organizations aiming to make their activities more sustainable and ecologically friendly. The companies highlighted here offer a wide range of solutions, from energy efficiency consulting to sustainable event production. They all hold a desire and commitment to make the world a better place.

Each company comes with its unique approach to sustainability, providing innovative solutions to various challenges. Whether by developing software for energy management or designing buildings with advanced sustainability in mind, these companies are leading the way to a more sustainable future.


OptaHaul is a company specializing in route optimization solutions for the dairy industry. By combining the fields of sustainability and transportation, they work on improving efficiency and reducing environmental impacts. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for more updates.


Co-founded by Eoin O’Fearghail and Joseph Borza, EnergyElephant aims to ‘Make Your Business Energy Smart’. The software firm uses proprietary technology to bring all business energy data together in the cloud, saving users time and money while reducing risks. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Cognition World

Created by founders Dylan Deally and Thomas D. McGrath, Cognition World tracks sustainability management strategies to drive real efficiencies inside asset-intensive businesses. Find out more about Cognition World on LinkedIn and follow their updates on Twitter.

Native Events

Native Events is a sustainable event production company that specialises in providing sustainability services and solutions for events. Head over to their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages for more information.


ORS provides a wide range of services, including civil engineering, consulting, energy management, project management, and sustainability. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay updated.

PJ Hegarty & Sons

PJ Hegarty & Sons offers construction, infrastructure, civil engineering and other services – all underpinned by sustainability. Follow the company on their LinkedIn and Twitter page for updates.


Superfy is an IT company that provides smart resource management solutions that cover sustainability, waste, recycling, operations, workforce and fleet management. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

VivaGreen Group

VivaGreen Group is a biotechnology company that develops eco-friendly products from renewable resources. Check out their products on their Facebook page.

Scott Tallon Walker Architects

Scott Tallon Walker Architects is not only known for architectural excellence but also for designing buildings that are efficient in terms of advanced sustainable solutions. Stay updated with their latest works on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

JAE Engineering

JAE Engineering specializes in providing unique engineering solutions to the construction, manufacturing industry and energy sector. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn.

CC Tech

CC Tech is a firm focused on providing support for the development and delivery of sustainable and energy-efficient laboratories and biomedical research facilities. Find out more about them on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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