Exploring Vienna’s Pioneering Forces in Sustainable Technology Innovations

Today, we shine a spotlight on Vienna, Austria, home to a vibrant ecology of sustainability companies brilliantly rewriting the rules and reshaping our future through innovative solutions and ground-breaking technologies. These companies, diverse in their industry applications yet united in their goal, are heralding an eco-revolution and turning Vienna into a sustainability powerhouse. From alternative protein and renewable energy to digital reporting and education, let’s dive into this ecosystem to discover these extraordinary companies contributing to a greener, more sustainable planet.

Vienna boasts an impressive array of sustainability companies committed to fostering environmentally conscious innovations and solutions in their respective sectors. Their cutting-edge technology and disruptive business models offer incredible potential for sustainable development, addressing critical global issues including climate change, resource depletion, and pollution.

These companies are not just revolutionizing their industries and shaping the future of sustainability in Austria; they are also setting an example for world leaders in sustainability. Below, we highlight some key businesses contributing significantly to the sustainable technology landscape in Vienna, providing their bio, key people, and mission alongside links to learn more.

LIVIN farms

The visionaries at LIVIN farms are kick-starting a food revolution straight from our kitchens. Founded by Julia Kaisinger and Katharina Unger, the company champions alternative protein solutions by developing insect rearing technology. Their work promotes sustainability in the food processing sector by offering an innovative solution that not only addresses global food shortage concerns but also contributes to reducing environmental impact. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages or follow them on Twitter for updates.


Inoqo takes a tech-forward approach to sustainability by connecting consumers to accurate, scientific-based data about their regular grocery products through their app. Founded by Bernhard Schandl, Doris Wimmer, Elisa Gramlich, and Helene Saurais, Inoqo helps users align their daily purchases with environmental concerns and social values. Get to know more about Inoqo through their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Crystalsol, pioneered by Dieter Meissner and Thomas Badegruber, fuses the best of high-efficiency single-crystalline solar cells and low-cost roll-to-roll production, creating flexible photovoltaic technology. Their revolutionary approach to harvesting solar energy promises a more sustenance-filled future for renewable energy and semiconductor sectors.

Helioz R&D

Helioz R&D, a venture by Martin Wesian, focuses on delivering sustainable water treatment solutions to disadvantaged households in developing countries. Their invention, WADI, an affordable and user-friendly water disinfection device, is just one of their acclaimed innovations that have earned them a place in the Red Herring Top 100 R&D list. Join their community on Facebook or drop by their LinkedIn page.


S1SEVEN is blazing a trail with digital material certificates for steel, aluminium, and engineering plastics. With their blockchain-secure certification system, S1SEVEN enables manufacturers to track quality and sustainability data, thereby accelerating efficiency and automation in quality assurance. Catch them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

TÜV Austria

TÜV Austria is a corporate force in the field of cyber security, data storage, and IT infrastructure. With a strong focus on sustainability, this powerhouse is helping businesses navigate technology transformations cost-effectively and securely. Find out more on their Facebook page.


Nexxar, a digital reporting pioneer, melds creativity and technology to shape corporate reports aligned with the needs of the digital era. With over 600 online reports since 2003, they bring innovation to graphic design and internet technology. Visit them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


WI-HER consulting firm integrates health, education, rule of law, and agriculture to improve health outcomes and achieve sustainable development. Their comprehensive interventions are marked by transparency, data-driven management, and long-lasting impact. You can find out more about their work on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Dachgold’s mission is simple: a solar system on every company roof. They help Austrian firms implement photovoltaic systems on their roofs, leveraging economic efficiency consulting to calculate solar production costs. Visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to learn more.

Tausendundein Dach

Through their initiative Tausendundein Dach, they are working to equip a thousand and one company roofs with photovoltaic systems by 2020. Tausendundein Dach offers a comprehensive service that spans from initial consultation to the implementation of the solar system. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Greenpaca is all about promoting and supporting green startups. They offer a platform where users can discover new green startups, show support, and even look for team members or potential funding. Founded by Daniel Wiederkehr-Prundianu and Valerie Wiederkehr, the platform is a hub of startup activity. Visit their LinkedIn page or follow them on Twitter for more.

Written by Mark Smith

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