Green Innovation: Spotlight on Chantilly’s Environmental Consulting Firms

Environmental Consulting is an essential industry operating at the intersection of science, policy, and business. It provides various services such as environmental impact assessments, waste management, renewable energy solutions, and more. A cluster of such organizations is based in Chantilly, Virginia. This article provides a comprehensive overview of these companies, their work, and source of information.

The Environmental Consulting industry bears a significant responsibility to address environmental issues and conduct research that anticipates and supports the need for a sustainable environment. Chantilly, Virginia, is home to several successful environmental consulting firms, showcasing a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem that is leading the way in this sector.

Let’s dive into the unique offerings and characteristics of each company.


Arctech provides cost-effective solutions for the energy, agriculture, and environmental market sectors. They provide customized solutions to the customer and company needs. More about their service can be found on their official LinkedIn page.


TechLaw, founded in 1983, was borne out of the recognition that technology law and environmental policy were interconnected. The company accesses environmental issues through the lens of regulatory principles, understanding scientific disciplines, and employing cutting-edge technology. More on their journey and services can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Geotechnical Solutions

Geotechnical Solutions operates in the spheres of environmental consulting and environmental engineering. Additional information can be obtained from their LinkedIn page.

GKY & Associates

GKY & Associates, a consulting group dedicated to water resources and environmental sciences, provides innovative water resources engineering, policy and planning, environmental science, and other support solutions. Detailed services can be seen on their LinkedIn page or the company’s Facebook page.

Solve Pest Pros

Solve Pest Pros offers a mix of environmental consulting and home services, specializing in pest control solutions ranging from mosquito control to termite control. More information is available on their official LinkedIn page and Facebook page.


123Junk, while primarily a recycling service, also offers consulting on responsible waste management. For more details, visit their official LinkedIn page or Facebook page.

Peter’s Landscape

Peter’s Landscape offers a variety of environmental consulting services along with landscape design and maintenance. Additional information can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Grow Greenly

Founded by Grace Maloney and operating in the environment consultancy industry, Grow Greenly aims at sustainable practices. Explore their LinkedIn page for more details.


A provider of construction, environmental consulting, and industrial engineering services, ECS contributes to the environment consulting industry in Chantilly, Virginia. More information can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Environmental Consultants and Contractors

Last but not least, Environmental Consultants and Contractors. This firm offers a comprehensive range of consulting and contracting services. Visit their LinkedIn page for more details.

This tour of Chantilly’s environmental consulting industry displays a robust and diverse cluster of organizations committed to addressing environmental challenges. These companies play a vital role in influencing policy, advancing scientific understandings, and implementing sustainable business practices, all contributing to a healthier, safer, and more sustainable world.

Written by Mark Smith

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