Johannesburg Environmental Consultancies Innovating Sustainable Solutions for Global Challenges

In the heart of South Africa, Johannesburg, an evolving hub of Environmental Consulting industries is thriving, providing ground-breaking changes in the realms of recycling, renewable energy, and waste management. Several companies have set their roots in this city, defining the core of the environmental transformation that the world is slowly but surely gravitating towards. From innovative water purifiers to digital storytellers, we explore these industry leaders that are shaping sustainable futures with each new project.

Each operating in their unique way, these companies have taken on the urgently required initiatives to protect both the local environment and the global ecosystem. Through established quality standards, continuous innovation, and a keen understanding of the complex legislative requirements, they not only offer consulting services but also build a culture of sustainability. This culture is not just about raising awareness, but acting upon it, as demonstrated by each company’s principles and services.

These companies are putting South Africa on the map as a hub of impactful environmentally-conscious organizations. Let’s delve into who these companies are, their journey so far, and their contributions to the pursuit of a greener earth.

Buhle Waste (Pty) Ltd.

Buhle Waste (Pty) Ltd. has been a significant figure in the Environmental Consulting, Recycling, Renewable Energy, and Waste Management industry.


A leading producer of recycled ferrous and nonferrous metal products, Reclam also produces recycled paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium, and copper sulphate products. With over 70 facilities, it’s a dynamic company that pioneers a total recycling and waste management service.


Pikitup stands at the forefront of Environmental Consulting, Environmental Engineering, and Waste Management in Johannesburg. Their activities are the heart of their community outreach on social platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin.

I-Drop Water

Co-founded by James Steere and Kate Thiers, I-Drop Water has taken on the mission of making safe drinking water accessible to all. Their innovative business model and nano-purification water filtration technology have garnered a vast social media following, evident on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

IBIS Consulting

IBIS Consulting has made it its mission to help businesses navigate the ever-evolving legislative requirements of the African continent. They offer guidance on data retention, recovery, and life cycle management, serving as a valuable resource in the Environmental Consulting industry.


The intersection of Environmental Consulting with Journalism, Media, and Entertainment can be found at Oxpeckers. Founded by Fiona Macleod, the company uses innovative digital storytelling techniques to expose environmental crimes and enable public engagement with conservation.

Savannah Environmental

Savannah Environmental offers advice, consulting, and management services centered around environmental concerns.

IRCA Global

IRCA Global specializes in Environmental and Management Consulting, along with providing a variety of professional services.

Synergistics Environmental Services

Synergistics Environmental Services offers commercial Environmental Consulting services. With environmental project management, rehabilitation planning, and impact assessment services, they offer comprehensive solutions for green developments.

Written by Mark Smith

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