Environmental Consulting Innovators Thriving in Pune, Maharashtra’s Tech Hub

The city of Pune, the cultural capital and second largest city in Maharashtra, is home to a burgeoning cluster of innovative companies operating in the Environmental Consulting industry. These companies are pioneering revolutionary changes in the way we handle waste, conserve energy, and promote green technologies. In this series of articles, we will take a closer look at some of these companies and their groundbreaking efforts in tackling our environmental challenges.

Pune, a city known for its educational institutions and thriving IT industry, has leapfrogged to become an eco-innovation hub, fostering an ecosystem that is conducive to green entrepreneurship. From creating accessible electric energy from biomass to designing sustainable telecom solutions, these Pune-based companies boast of an exciting portfolio of services that are helping to reshape our world for the better.

This article will serve to introduce you to some of the most innovative firms in this sphere, providing an overview of what they do and how they are contributing to the Environmental Consulting industry. All these firms are based in Pune, giving this city the honor of being a hotbed of environmental innovation in India.

First Energy

First Energy is an innovative firm operating in the realm of energy, environmental consulting and renewable energy. Founded by Mahesh Yagnaraman, First Energy is at the forefront of pioneering solutions that look to renewable sources for meeting energy challenges. For more information about their services and projects, visit their LinkedIn page.

EV India

EV India operates in the highly-anticipated domain of electric vehicles. Founders Ajinkya Deshpande set up EV India to promote electric vehicle use, environmental consulting and environmental engineering solutions to businesses and consumers. You can connect with EV India on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Sara Plast

Sara Plast, founded by Rajeev Kher, is an impressive firm focusing on sanitation solutions for urban and rural India. Their services range from provision of portable toilets and hand wash stations to waste disposal and sewage water recycling. Their innovative approaches extend to their social media presence, which you can engage with on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Cranberry Analytics Pvt Ltd

Cranberry Analytics Pvt Ltd, founded by Amit Deshmukh, Onkar Gauridhar, and Shishir Thakur, sits at the intersection of data visualization and environmental consulting—among other fields. You can explore more about this unique company and its innovative approaches on their LinkedIn page.

Ecomak Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Ecomak Systems Pvt. Ltd., founded by Sandesh Kadam, offers environmental, material handling and thermal solutions for a variety of industrial sectors. You can contact them on their website or join their social media networks on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for live updates about their projects.

Rudra Environmental Solutions

Rudra Environmental Solutions focuses on the significant problem of plastics waste. The company develops strategies to manage plastic waste and mitigate its impacts on health and the environment through its manufacturing processes.


Hydropoint operates in the sphere of environmental consulting and water purification. Their committed team strives to provide efficient and effective solutions to address water-related issues. The company maintains an active presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Aeropure UV Systems

Aeropure UV Systems specializes in UV germicidal technology to provide cutting-edge air quality solutions. They target a range of applications like indoor air quality enhancement, energy conservation, and germicidal treatment of indoor air and surfaces. Follow them on LinkedIn for more information and updates.

SimplySmart Technology

SimplySmart Technology is a leading company in the sector of environmental consulting, renewable energy and waste management. They provide extensive services for commercial and residential applications. Explore more about their vision and projects on their LinkedIn page and follow them on Twitter.

Ecogreen Landscape Technologies

Ecogreen Landscape Technologies lends an artistic touch to environmental consulting and landscaping. The company specializes in designing and installing vertical gardens, green walls, green roofs, and urban farming spaces. Learn more about their initiatives and connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

In the subsequent articles, we’ll dive deeper into each company’s unique solutions, initiatives, and future plans that are bound to affect our environment positively. Stay tuned as we explore the promising strides these Pune-based companies are making in the realm of environmental consulting.

Written by Mark Smith

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