Costa Mesa’s Pioneers in Environmental Consulting: A Futurology Review

Environmental consulting is a critical industry aiding in the preservation and rehabilitation of our ecosystems. It allows businesses and governments alike to make informed decisions and adopt best practice methodologies, promoting balance between productivity and sustainability. Costa Mesa, California, United States houses the headquarters of several innovative companies operating in the environmental consulting industry. In our series, we explore these game-changers, their operations, and how they are contributing to the betterment of environmental health and the planet at large.

Environmental consultants use sciences such as environmental science, and ecology to determine the environmental impact of a client’s activities, and offer advice on how to lessen or eliminate negative impacts. These companies are immensely vital in ensuring the longevity of our planet. Costa Mesa, a city located within the state of California in the United States provides a home for several of these companies. Their constant push for sustainability and technological advancements have set them on a global platform.

Our series takes a deep dive into these organizations, exploring the services they provide, their philosophies, and the efforts they make to advance environmental health. We have compiled a detailed list of these enterprises based in Costa Mesa, shedding light on their operations and how they contribute to environmental health and sustainability.

MDM Services

MDM Services is a well-established and expert-led firm, with over 100 years of collective experience in land development. As an energy and environmental consulting company, they advise energy corporations, governmental bodies, and stakeholders about regulations and best practices, aiming for effective and safe operations.


With a mission to provide engineered solutions to the challenges of dust control and soil stabilization industry, Soilworks utilize innovative tools and support to meet the specific requirements of their customer base spanning from commercial, industrial to military sectors.

Southern California Coastal Water Research Project

The Southern California Coastal Water Research Project is an environmental consulting and engineering firm based in Costa Mesa, working primarily within the water industry to provide innovative solutions for environmental improvement.


In an increasingly water-scarce world, Aquilogic contributes greatly through their focus on water purification. The company’s mission mirrors the pressing international priority of clean water accessibility for all.

MaxGen Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

MaxMegn EV Infrastructure provides integral services in environmental consulting and renewable energy sectors. As EV infrastructure engineers and constructors, MaxGen primarily services to commercial fleet operators.

Woodruff Spradlin & Smart

Woodruff Spradlin & Smart effectively amalgamates environmental consulting with construction, law enforcement, and legal services. Their approach ensures a comprehensive perspective on environmental impact.

Critical Environments

Critical Environments, based in Costa Mesa, offers valuable services in environmental consulting with special focus on healthcare, home and garden, landscaping and project management sectors.

MBC Aquatic Sciences

Housing a team of experts, MBC Aquatic Sciences have established their name within the fields of consulting, environmental consulting, environmental engineering and marine technology.


Noxtech is an environmental consulting firm that specialises in industrial pollution control. Their work is integral in curbing the adverse effects caused by industrial pollution on the planet.

Costa Mesa Garden

Costa Mesa Garden provides consultancy services, specialising in natural resources. Their work is geared towards consumer needs, promoting better usage and conservation of natural resources.

Written by Mark Smith

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