Exploring Newcastle’s Revolutionary Renewable Energy Champions: A Futurology Feature

In the heart of the United Kingdom, Newcastle Upon Tyne stands as a cradle for innovation and entrepreneurship in the renewable energy sector. This vibrant city boasts a diverse ecosystem of companies operating in this industry, each contributing in unique ways towards a more energy efficient future.

Each of these companies, with their unique solutions, are driving critical change in the world’s energy landscape. This is a deep dive into some of the revolutionary companies based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, dedicated to redefining and reshaping the renewable energy industry.

Inspiring startups and established enterprises, these companies are embracing technology to create sustainable solutions across a range of industries from automotive and logistics, to energy management and virtual reality. All of them play a pivotal role in the renewable energy revolution.

Hyperdrive Innovation

Founded by Christopher Baylis and Stephen Irish, Hyperdrive Innovation is at the forefront of developing groundbreaking technologies powering electric vehicles, homes and businesses. With a strong footprint in the Automotive, Logistics and Renewable Energy sectors, they are on a mission to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable future. Follow them on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

Connected Energy

Connected Energy, founded by Matthew Lumsden and Pete Beasley, are reshaping energy storage technology by leveraging second-life electric vehicle batteries for its unique E-STOR technology. Their ambitious plan for 2021 includes installing systems of 10MW+. The company can be followed on Twitter or connected with on LinkedIn.

Blue Square Utilities

Blue Square Utilities, founded by Steve Lees, is an independent smart meter installation business servicing small-medium-sized energy suppliers throughout the UK. Their extensive experience in the Smart Metering Rollout offers end-to-end dual fuel smart meter installation solutions. Connect with them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

GME Industry

GME Industry, founded by Craig Morgan, offers comprehensive electrical services, executing design, installation and maintenance tasks for commercial and industrial establishments. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Invisotech has developed pioneering inspection technologies for high-value assets such as wind turbine towers and blades. Their services are designed to provide safer, superior, quicker and cost-effective inspections. They can be followed on Twitter or LinkedIn.


EnergyLink offers home insulation, renewable energy solutions, double glazing, and major utility companies. They provide email and postal support services to customers and partners, effectively managing community providers of energy-efficient goods and services. Follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Eaga is a leading energy efficiency business in Newcastle Upon Tyne, continuing to improve sustainability across a diverse range of sectors.

Clarizon Ltd.

Clarizon Ltd. is turning heads by developing a new generation of electrochemical ozone generation systems with potential applications in water treatment and industrial cleaning processes.

Engineering Support Partnership

Engineering Support Partnership employs its vast knowledge of energy to support projects in renewable energy and environmental consulting. Connect on LinkedIn.

WD Close & Sons

WD Close & Sons fabricates parts for the oil and gas, renewable energy, military, and general engineering industries. Stay connected with them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Urban Foresight

Urban Foresight is a consultancy focused on the smart and sustainable transformation of cities. This organization actively pursues grand ideas that lead to projects with wide-reaching, transformational impacts. Follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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