Revolutionizing Renewable Energy: Spotlight on Osaka’s Pioneering Green Tech Firms


Osaka, the most significant commercial hub of Japan after Tokyo, is home to an impressive roster of innovative companies operating within the renewable energy sector. This article series aims to shed some light on these cutting-edge enterprises that are leading the charge in sustainability and clean energy production working across a wide spectrum of fields including biotechnology, environmental engineering, solar energy production, and energy management. Presented in no particular order, let’s explore these companies driving the future of renewable energy.

In this haven of innovation, we find companies like Repertoire Genesis and Eco Style whose missions extend far beyond profit. They are redefining the boundaries in their respective fields while working towards a unified goal – advancing cleaner and sustainable sources of energy. Through their resilience and creativity, they signal a positive shift in our approach to energy consumption and its production.

Whether it’s biotechnology, solar panel manufacturing, or energy management, these companies are not only contributing significantly to their local economy but are also setting a precedent for the rest of the world to follow. Let’s take a closer look at some of these remarkable organizations based out of Osaka, Japan.

Repertoire Genesis

Founded by Ryuji Suzuki, Repertoire Genesis works in the field of biotechnology, product research, and renewable energy. Their mission is to support the realization of new diagnostic methods and therapeutic methods related to personalized medicine by utilizing T cell / B cell receptor retort analysis and neo-epithelial analysis.

Eco Style

Eco Style was founded by Kanki Hideyuki. They specialize in Energy, Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability. Their field of study includes renewable energy generation including solar, geothermal, and small hydroelectric resources as well as fund and electricity management.

Alpha Zeroth

Based in Osaka, Alpha Zeroth is primarily involved in solar panel manufacturing, selling, installation and solar power plant construction.


TES New Energy

Established in May 2010, TES New Energy aims to bring a revolution in clean energy by reducing energy costs and creating clean energy for incinerators in process plants.

First Stage

Tess Engineering

Revo Energy

Seo Koatsu Kogyo

MGIC Japan



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Written by Mark Smith

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