Milwaukee’s Leading Innovators Shaping the Future of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is a rapidly expanding industry worldwide, and the city of Milwaukee, in Wisconsin, United States is a hub for a number of innovative companies operating within this sector. This is the latest in our series of articles looking at corporate entities whose focus is on sustainable energy solutions, and whose roots are in Milwaukee. This article will discuss the work of companies that are leading the way in the development of renewable energy technologies, opening up new possibilities for sustainable living and making important contributions towards protecting the environment for future generations. Each has a unique approach, applying a combination of technological innovation and company dedication, to make the world a better place.

Imagen Energy

Established in Milwaukee, Imagen Energy specializes in creating highly efficient and compact energy systems with focus in Energy, Energy Storage, and Renewable Energy. Their main products are EV fast charging equipment, which optimizes limited grid power availability, specifically designed to enable resilience and flexibility for public and fleet charging. By doing so, Imagen Energy is creating opportunities for urban communities that lack investment opportunities for EV benefits. Find more about them through their LinkedIn page.


Wellntel is a GreenTech and Renewable Energy company that has developed a simple, inexpensive groundwater information system. This system accurately measures water quantity in a private water well, allowing owners to manage their groundwater resources effectively. It is a solution for families and farmers looking to conserve and efficiently manage their groundwater. You can connect with Wellntel on Facebook and LinkedIn.


URTPC is a company that specializes in power conversion technology that can be applied in a variety of industries. Their aim is to help other companies sustain enthusiasm and create more reliable, safer, efficient products that can get to market faster. This includes analyzing electrical, power electronics, and electromagnetic components, as well as control systems, thermal, and structural operating parameters.


PlasmaE is a global leader in CleanTech, Energy, Environmental Engineering, and Renewable Energy. They have developed a new way to reliably generate reactive ions in sufficient quantities for usage in aquatic media to provide clean water. Connect with them on LinkedIn to know more.

WEC Energy Group

WEC Energy Group is one of the nation’s largest electric and natural gas delivery companies, serving nearly 4.4 million customers across four states. Their commitment to delivering world-class reliability and customer care has made them a fortune 500 company. You can follow WEC Energy Group on Facebook and LinkedIn

A. O. Smith

Applying the most innovative technology and energy-efficient solutions, A. O. Smith has become a global leader in the production of residential and commercial water heating equipment. The company is renowned for its comprehensive product line that features the best-known brands in North America and China. You can also reach A. O. Smith via Facebook and LinkedIn.

EnergyTech Innovations

EnergyTech Innovations is a unique creation that serves the specialized needs of clients in the environmental field, the renewable energy sector, and particularly in the field of biogas energy. The company focuses on the identification of sustainable solutions and the implementation of innovative cost-effective approaches.


Anguil Environmental Systems is a global environmental control company providing systems that destroy Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), process odors, and Nitrous Oxide (NOX). Connect with them via Facebook and LinkedIn.

HellermannTyton North America

HellermannTyton is a global provider of cable management and protection products, identification systems, and network connectivity solutions. The company serves in various industries including electrical, OEM, data communications, automotive, heavy equipment, renewable energy, and related industries. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Jacobus Energy, Inc.

Jacobus Energy, Inc. specializes in providing innovative, cost-effective solutions for mobile refueling, bulk fuel supply, fleet card fueling and federal excise tax recovery.

Global Technologies

An international leader in subsurface remediation treatment, Global Technologies is making significant contributions towards CleanTech, HealthCare, Renewable Energy, and Water Purification across the world. Follow them on Facebook and connect with them on LinkedIn.

These companies have applied modern technology to make a great impact in the field of renewable energy. With innovative solutions that provide sustainable options for energy, the future of Renewable Energy certainly looks brighter. Milwaukee is lucky to have such a diverse group of companies thriving in the industries of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and environmental services.

Written by Mark Smith

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