Cleveland’s Precious Metals Innovators Transforming the Future of Industry Technology

In the bustling metropolis of Cleveland, Ohio, a number of companies are making strides in the precious metals industry, a sector vital for numerous applications including electronics, jewelry, and industrial processes. As economies expand and technology advancements continue to evolve, the demand for these valuable commodities rises. Several Cleveland-based firms are taking up the challenge, bringing innovation and growth to the mining, manufacturing, and processing of precious metals. Here are some of the key players:

Cleveland Cliffs

Founded by Samuel Livingston Mather, Cleveland Cliffs has remained an influential player in the markets of mining and beneficiation of iron ore as well as the mining of coal. With its shares trading on the New York Stock Exchange, the firm’s primary operations are organized and managed according to product category and geographic location, spanning across U.S. Iron Ore, Eastern Canadian Iron Ore, Asia Pacific Iron Ore, and North American Coal. You can connect with the company via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

MAR Systems

MAR Systems, founded by Claude Kennard in 2006, aims to resolve water contaminant issues with their patented process that removes mercury, selenium, arsenic, and other metal contaminants from water. Headquartered in Cleveland, MAR Systems’ Sorbster media technology helps companies meet rigorous EPA standards.

Aleris International

Aleris is a privately-held company that specializes in the manufacture and sale of aluminum rolled products. With approximately 14 facilities in North America, Europe, and China, it serves a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, building and construction, transportation, packaging, and consumer goods. Join Aleris on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

N T Ruddock

Founded by Neil Ruddock, N T Ruddock operates in the automotive, industrial, and manufacturing spheres, engaging with precious metals, product design, and productivity tools. Connect with the company on its LinkedIn page.

Parker Rust-Proof

Parker Rust-Proof boasts an extensive portfolio of service offerings that provides protection to many components including armaments, ammunition, airplanes, boats, tanks, stampings, and fasteners. Find out more about their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Monarch Steel

As a manufacturer of steel coil sheets, Monarch Steel provides products ranging from slit coils, precision blanks, leveled sheets, to welded mechanical tubing. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Cumberland Diversified Metals

Cumberland Diversified Metals operates in the industrial, manufacturing, precious metals, and wholesale sectors. You can join the company on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

International Steel Group

International Steel Group, formerly headquartered in Cleveland, was an influential factor in the precious metals industry.

Peerless Metal Products

Peerless Metal Products operates in the commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and precious metals industries. Keep up with their activities on Facebook.

Ferrous Metal

As a toll processing firm of flat-rolled steel, Ferrous Metal provides high standard hot rolled processing and cold rolled conversion services. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Die-Cut Products

Last, but not least, Die-Cut Products ventures into the industrial design, industrial manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, and precious metals categories. Join them on their digital journey through @diecutproducts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

With their diverse and innovative approaches and strategies, these Cleveland-based companies are helping to shape the future of the precious metals industry. Keep your eyes on Cleveland as it continues to aid in the evolution and growth of this essential sector.

Written by Mark Smith

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