Dallas Precious Metals Industry: Innovating Futuristic Technological Implementations


The Precious Metals industry forms a crucial part of today’s global economy. Being diverse and sophisticated, many businesses operating in this sector are located in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. Thriving in the heart of the e-commerce revolution and leading in financial exchanges, jewelry, retail, wearables, wholesale, internet, professional, industrial, and machining services, these companies contribute immensely to both local and international markets.

This article showcases Dallas-based companies leaving indelible marks in the Precious Metals industry. From smaller specialists to larger corporations, these companies provide impressive services and products, appealing to different aspects within the Precious Metals realm. This article gives an insight into their contribution to the competitive industry landscape.

In this series, we present a roundup of Dallas-based companies that are pioneering forward-thinking ventures in the Precious Metals industry. You’ll find a brief bio for each company, founders and contacts, including the company’s website and social media links.


Pimbex is a Dallas-based company involved in E-commerce within the Precious Metals industry. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available about the Pimbex founders and specific details about the services they offer. You can follow them through their social media channels on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Found in 1965, DGSE has expanded to operate over thirty-five stores in eight states, living their premise of offering the best deals to customers through their top-notch services. The company involves itself in E-commerce, Financial Exchanges, Internet, Jewelry, Precious Metals, Retail, Wearables, and Wholesale industries in Dallas, Texas. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Provident Precious Metals

Provident Precious Metals represents the retail sector of the Precious Metals industry in Dallas, Texas. The official founders of Provident Precious Metals are not publicly disclosed. Their social media presence can be accessed through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Maddox Metal Works

Maddox Metal Works specializes in Manufacturing, Precious Metals, and Professional services. The Dallas-based company has offered quality workmanship in their industry. Their activities can be monitored through their company’s website.

Manda Machine Company

Manda Machine Company, known for excelling within Industrial Engineering, Machinery Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Precious Metals, and Sales sectors, operates in Dallas, Texas. They have a Facebook page at Manda-Machine and a LinkedIn page providing updates about their work.

Priority Gold

Priority Gold becomes a go-to place for secure metal investing services. Stakeholders appreciate their advice, financial services, and sales related to precious metals. Follow their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Hi-Tech Precious Metals Refinery

Hi-Tech Precious Metals Refinery operates in the Industrial, Mining, and Precious Metals sectors in Dallas, Texas. You can track their progress on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

All Axis Machining

All Axis Machining is a Dallas-based company specializing in Manufacturing, Precious Metals, and Sales. The company has a Facebook and LinkedIn page where they share updates.

Alecom Metal Works

Alecom Metal Works is involved in Building Maintenance, Building Material, Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Precious Metals sectors. They can be tracked through their official Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Baldwin Metals

Baldwin Metals focuses on innovative metal fabrication techniques. From mining machinery manufacturing, project management, and precious metals, this Dallas-based company has a lot to offer. They can be tracked from their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Horny Toad Tools

Dallas, Texas-based Horny Toad Tools specialize in commercial Precious Metals. They mainly supply diamond tools and stone fabrication goods. Follow their updates on Facebook.


Written by Mark Smith

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