Edmonton’s Pioneering Precious Metals Firms Shaping Canada’s Futuristic Industrial Landscape

In the heart of Canada’s thriving Precious Metals industry, several trailblazing companies are making significant global waves from their base in Edmonton, Alberta. These firms not only contribute significantly to developments in their respective industries, but they also reinforce the region’s reputation as a hotbed for innovation in building material, construction, manufacturing, and mineral exploration. This article spotlights some of these Edmonton-based companies, providing insight into their operations, founders, and contributions to the Precious Metals Industry.

Benchmark Metals, Bri-Steel Manufacturing, Black Cat Blades, Athabasca Minerals, Unified Alloys, Carry Steel, Altiplano Metals, Thermex Metal Treating, Bosch Hydraulic Connections, Cessco Fabrication & Engineering, and General Recycling are just some of the noteworthy companies operating in and around Edmonton. Each has its unique journey, shared commitment to innovation, and contribution towards the overall success and vibrancy of the metal industry in the region.

From mineral exploration to manufacturing and from construction to recycling, these companies demonstrate the diverse applications and broad possibilities inherent in the Precious Metals industry. The eminence of these firms attests to both the potential of precious metals and the broader strengths and opportunities that the Edmonton environment offers to businesses.

Benchmark Metals

Co-founded by John Williamson, Benchmark Metals is a notable player in the precious metals field in Edmonton. The company is known for its gold and silver projects, where they operate a collection of mines in the Golden Triangle and Toodoggone regions. More about the company can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Bri-Steel Manufacturing

A leading wholesale distributor of steel products to the oil and gas and construction industries, Bri-Steel Corp. has cemented itself as a vital industry player from its base in Edmonton. Check out their activities on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Black Cat Blades

Operating in the construction, mining, and the precious metals industry, Black Cat Blades is another significant player contributing to Edmonton’s vibrant business environment.

Athabasca Minerals

Athabasca Minerals Inc. is a Canadian management and exploration company that specializes in aggregates and industrial mineral exploration in Alberta. More about the organization is available on their LinkedIn page.

Unified Alloys

Unified Alloys has made its name in the industrial, manufacturing, and precious metals industry. To learn more about the company, visit their LinkedIn page.

Carry Steel

Carry Steel operates in various sectors including industrial engineering, manufacturing, precious metals, project management, and supply chain management. Check their LinkedIn page for more details.

Altiplano Metals

Altiplano Metals is a mining company. They deliver copper, gold, and iron derived from ore. Visit their linkedin page for more information.

Thermex Metal Treating

Operating in the energy, oil and gas, and precious metals sectors, Thermex Metal Treating is an innovative player in the Edmonton business community. Find more about them on their LinkedIn page or Twitter.

Bosch Hydraulic Connections

Bosch Hydraulic Connections is another significant endowment to Edmonton’s diverse business community, operating in the industrial, manufacturing, precious metals, and wholesale sectors. Visit their LinkedIn page and Twitter handle for more information.

Cessco Fabrication & Engineering

Active in consulting, machinery manufacturing, manufacturing, and precious metals, Cessco Fabrication & Engineering represents another facet of Edmonton’s diverse business ecosystem. Check out their activities on LinkedIn.

General Recycling

Adding to Edmonton’s rich industrial spectrum is General Recycling, a company that works in the field of environmental consulting, precious metals, and recycling. Learn more about their efforts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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