Cambridge Innovators: Spotlight on Massachusetts’s Pioneering Clean Energy Enterprises

With a growing interest in sustainable energy solutions, Cambridge, Massachusetts has positioned itself as a hub for clean energy technology companies. This article dives into some top tech companies based in Cambridge that are developing cutting-edge clean energy solutions.

The companies span several sectors within the clean tech industry – from fusion power to geothermal drilling technologies, and from community solar companies to AI platforms for industrial applications. They are a testament to the vibrant and innovative clean energy landscape in Cambridge. Each of these companies is actively contributing towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Let’s take a closer look at the work these remarkable clean energy companies are doing in and from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Commonwealth Fusion

Founded by Dan Brunner, Martin Greenwald, and Robert Mumgaard, Commonwealth Fusion is a research company working on the development of an inexhaustible power plant using rare-earth barium copper oxide superconductor technology. Having started operations in 2017, they aim to accelerate the path to commercial fusion energy through a combination of proven physics and revolutionary superconducting magnet technology. Find them on Linkedin and Twitter.


Quaise, founded by Aaron Mandell, Carlos Araque, Matthew Houde, and Paul Woskov, is an energy company developing and commercializing millimeter-wave drilling systems to harness geothermal energy over the globe. Founded in 2018, they aim to overcome the geographic constraints limiting this energy source today. Follow them on Linkedin and Twitter.


Solstice was founded by Sandhya Murali, Steph Speirs, and Steve Moilanen in 2016 with a goal to provide solar power for every American household regardless of income level. They provide turnkey customer solutions for shared solar and offer subscriber aggregation and management services. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin., founded by Kamesh Raghavendra and Karthik Duraisamy, simplifies and automates the creation of sophisticated AI models for industrial applications. By combining measurement data with physics based simulations, they produce AI models that run thousands of times faster than traditional models. Find them on Linkedin and Twitter.

Prime Impact Fund

The Prime Impact Fund was founded by Johanna Wolfson, Matthew Nordan, and Sarah Kearney with a mission to invest in transformative technology companies creating significant climate impact. As a long-term investor, the fund supports high-risk, high-reward ventures at their earliest stages. Connect with them on Linkedin.

GreatPoint Energy

Founded by Aaron Mandell, Andrew Perlman, and Avi Goldberg, GreatPoint Energy converts coal, petroleum coke, and biomass directly into low-cost, clean natural gas through their proprietary, highly-efficient catalytic process known as hydromethanation. They are active on Linkedin and Twitter.


SachSiSolar, founded by Alison Greenlee, develops technology to reduce the costs of solar panels, providing manufacturers with an inexpensive retrofit for their production lines to increase solar panel efficiency.


Roxolar offers a free online platform that helps consumers understand if their property is suitable for solar energy, providing them with estimates of their solar potential, system costs, financing options, and potential energy cost savings.


CO2Stats, founded by Alexander Wissner-Gross and Timothy Sullivan, help website owners understand the electricity usage and carbon emissions related to their sites’ usage, and manage their carbon footprint. Connect with them on Twitter.


Fouded by Christian von Stackelberg and Warren Paul Anderson, Zigswitch creates wireless products that help people save energy, money, and time.


GreenCampusPoints strives for a more sustainable future by raising awareness about campus sustainability issues. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Mark Smith

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