Spotlight on Dallas-based Innovators Pioneering the Clean Energy Revolution


As the world rallies behind the green energy movement, various stakeholders are shifting focus towards cleaner,, and more sustainable forms of energy. Today, many companies are harnessing the immense potential of green energy and incorporating it into everything from manufacturing to the service and product industry. The city of Dallas, Texas, hosts a number of such innovative companies spearheading the drive towards clean energy solutions. In this article, we shed light on some of these trailblazers in the clean energy sector.

Aspen Power

Aspen Power is at the forefront of promoting decarbonization through its distributed generation platform. The company operates within the complex realms of clean energy, seeking to provide equitable and accelerated solutions towards decarbonization. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Zion Oil & Gas

In the clean energy industry, Zion Oil & Gas stands as an enigma. The Dallas-based company operates with a unique, Biblically inspired vision to find oil and natural gas in Israel. Combining modern science with good business practice, the company explores possibilities for clean, sustainable, and profitable energy sources. Check out their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for more information.

Ambit Energy

In the clean energy sector, Ambit Energy, founded by Jere W. Thompson, Jr. and Chris Chambless, focuses on providing electricity and natural gas services. Their online platform enables customers to check rates and pay bills. They also specialize in offering consulting services to businesses. Find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Providence Energy

Providence Energy, another Dallas-based company focused on clean energy, manages a diverse portfolio in energy management and angel investment, demonstrating their commitment to adopting and supporting green practices. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.

Tang Wind Energy

Tang Energy Group specifically focuses on wind energy, and has been developing clean energy projects in China since 1996. Through their work in wind energy, they are fulfilling their objectives of ecological benefits and financial compulsion.


Through clean technology and innovative consumer products, WATER-STREAM is setting new trends. They have developed and patented the world’s first mini water cooler, providing solutions in water filtrations and cooling systems. Their range of products also extends to food and beverage and manufacturing processes. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Instant Power

Known for its line of branded products that aim for instant result, Instant Power emphasizes swift and effective solutions across the clean energy sector. They provide a range of drain cleaning products that hold promise in terms of efficiency and reliability. You can connect with them through their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


Bridging the gap between technology and the energy industry, Volatix provides cloud-based energy analytics technology. This Dallas-based startup is tailoring solutions specific to the ever-changing dynamics of the energy industries. Connect with them via their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter platforms.

Dynamo Labs

Through their mobile D.I.Y. home energy audit, Dynamo Labs offers consumers a clear insight into their energy usage at home. Their application aids consumers in identifying energy wastage spots and offers wise solutions to save energy. Visit their Facebook and Twitter page to learn more.

Higher Aviation

Located in Dallas, Higher Aviation operates within the Aerospace and Clean Energy sectors. Despite specifics about the company remaining limited, its operations combine precision, quality service and sustainability. You can check their latest project from their Facebook page.

Solar Liberator

Solar Liberator is another clean energy company that focuses on making solar power accessible, eliminating barriers to adoption. Their products consist of fully integrated solar power units offering a simple plug and play setup. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Mark Smith

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