Bangalore’s Pioneers Revolutionising the Clean Energy Industry in India

As the world continues to grapple with the effects of climate change, the search for sustainable solutions is more crucial than ever before. The clean energy industry is at the forefront of this initiative, driven by innovative companies that are transforming traditional energy practices. In the bustling city of Bangalore, Karnataka, India, several forward-thinking organizations are making significant strides in clean energy, setting a template for future sustainability endeavors. This article presents an overview of some of these groundbreaking companies.

Bangalore, often hailed as the ‘Silicon Valley of India,’ is a thriving hub of technological advancement and is home to a myriad of start-ups breaking ground in various spheres, including clean energy. The slew of organizations operating in this realm is diverse, each offering unique solutions to promote sustainability and energy efficiency. From electric vehicles to solar power systems and recycling initiatives, these companies are setting the pace for a greener future.

In the era of technology and innovation, clean energy is the future. The following companies based in Bangalore are not only conscious of their carbon footprint but are also working tirelessly to reduce it. Powered by their novel solutions and forward-thinking approach, they are forging a trail in the realm of clean energy.

Ather Energy

Founded by Swapnil Jain and Tarun Mehta, Ather Energy is an electric vehicle manufacturer leading the charge in sustainable transportation. With their electric scooters and AtherGrid, a robust electric vehicle charging network, the company is creating a complete ecosystem for India’s electric vehicles. Furthermore, their design and manufacturing processes are all locally sourced, strengthening the country’s domestic industry.

Ultraviolette Automotive

Initiated by founders Narayan Subramaniam and Niraj Rajmohan, Ultraviolette Automotive is a clean energy startup focused on electric two-wheelers and energy infrastructure. They have unveiled the F77, an urban sports/commuter bike designed for both seasoned riders and enthusiasts. Combining high-level performance with a sophisticated user experience, the startup is pioneering a progressive approach to sustainable city transportation.

MiniMines Cleantech Solutions

Specializing in sustainable recycling of end-of-life Li-ion batteries, MiniMines Cleantech Solutions extracts rare elemental compounds using their proprietary “HYRBID-HYDROMETALLURGY” process. The resulting mineral-rich “Black Mass” can be directly utilized in the manufacturing of new Li-Ion cells, contributing significantly to circular economy practices.


Simpa, founded by Jacob Winiecki, Michael MacHarg, and Paul Needham, offers solar power systems to rural households and shops, adapting a small payment method similar to prepaid cell phones. This cost-effective model allows for wider adoption of clean, renewable energy sources among financially constrained demographics.

Infiction labs

Infiction labs provide robotic solutions for industrial automation and solar power. Their SPARC product automates solar panel cleaning, reducing the risk of damage while enhancing efficiency—illustrating a perfect blend of technological innovation and sustainability.


MinionLabs harnesses the power of data and Artifical Intelligence to help businesses reduce their electricity costs and improve productivity by providing real-time device-level electricity consumption insights. They optimize energy utilization, which contributes to a sustainable, climate-resilient future.

Ohm Mobility

Ohm Mobility is another leading player in the clean transportation space. They provide fintech and clean transportation services with a commitment to revolutionizing urban mobility.

InPhase Power Technologies Private Limited

InPhase Power Technologies Private Limited is an indigenous product company offering power quality solutions. Their ingenious products are designed, developed, and manufactured in India, thus promoting domestic industrial growth while maintaining an environmental focus.

Solaron Sustainability Services

Founded by Sonali Arora and Vipul Arora, Solaron Sustainability Services offers a comprehensive range of ESG research services, contributing to sustainable development goals through clean energy research and dissemination.


DocEV, India’s first and the largest chain of EV service network, provides comprehensive services ranging from EV charging to battery replacement. Committed to making India EV-ready, the company also offers unique leasing/renting of “EV services” with lifetime FREE maintenance.

G-power Solutions

Another player in the clean energy industry based in Bangalore is G-power Solutions. Though less information is available on their products and services, their commitment to renewable energy sources contributes to the overall movement of sustainability in Bangalore’s clean energy sector.

Written by Mark Smith

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