Prominent Atlanta-Based Clean Energy Companies Leading the Futuristic Revolution

Atlanta, Georgia, a bustling city known for its sprawling neighborhoods, vibrant arts scene, and peaches, is also home to an impressive array of clean energy companies. These innovative businesses are spearheading advancements in clean energy, sustainability, renewable resources, and environmental protection, accelerating the city’s progress toward a greener future. With unique, scalable solutions for reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices, they bear the potential to transform local, national, and even global energy landscapes.

From solar technology development to renewable energy consulting, these firms represent a wide range of specialties within the clean energy sector. While some are emerging startups, others are well-established corporations that have already made significant contributions to sustainability goals. In this article, we’ll spotlight several Atlanta-based clean energy companies that are leading the charge.

With headquarters in Atlanta, these companies are not only contributing to Georgia’s economy and stretching the boundaries of technological innovation, but also helping Atlanta maintain its reputation as a city committed to green initiatives and a sustainable future.


Founded by Dr. Hamed Soroush, PETROLERN is in the business of pioneering subsurface solutions for carbon storage, geothermal projects, and oil and gas. The company is committed to utilizing advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence to facilitate clean energy initiatives. The goal is to leverage knowledge obtained from the oil and gas sector to promote cleaner energy sources. Through innovative R&D and global service projects, Petrolern simultaneously boosts client profitability and reduces environmental impact.


With origins back in 1927, Georgia-Pacific has evolved to become an authority in the manufacturing and marketing of tissue, packaging, paper, pulp, and related chemicals. The company also deals in building products. They are committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions across their operations. Georgia-Pacific is currently an independently managed and operated company of Koch Industries.

Quest Renewables

Quest Renewables, founded by Beau Baldock and Will Arnold, is a solar racking company. They focus on solar product development, solar parking garages, and solar carports among others. The team at Quest Renewables work relentlessly to provide their clients with sustainable, environment-friendly solutions across a wide spectrum of solar energy services.

EnerTech Environmental

EnerTech Environmental, founded by Mark Allen, is dedicated to the development and commercialization of clean combustion technology to manage biosolids (sewage sludge) and other organic wastes. Their patented process, SlurryCarb™, converts high-moisture waste into high-grade renewable fuel in an economically viable and environmentally friendly way.

The Greenlink Group

Established by Matt Cox, The Greenlink Group is an energy consulting and research firm. With its trademark integrated modeling platform, ATHENIA, Greenlink supports energy system analysis across multiple levels.

Georgia’s Clean Air Force

Inspired by the ongoing drive for clean and renewable energy, Georgia’s Clean Air Force has also left an indelible mark in the clean energy industry of Atlanta, Georgia.

Solar Inventions

Founded by Bill Nussey and Gregg Freishtat, Solar Inventions is committed to the commercialization of varied technologies that facilitate progression in solar and other clean energy systems. The Configurable Current Cell (C3), the company’s flagship product, caters to nearly 95% of the global market.

MAS Energy

MAS Energy, specializes in providing total energy solutions for critical energy. The company focuses on developing clean, efficient, distributed clean-energy generation systems.

Center for Transportation and the Environment

The Atlanta-based Center for Transportation and the Environment is working towards creating a sustainable environment by providing clean energy solutions for different modes of transportation.


Founded by Christien Louviere, Edwin Marty and Myron Washington, Stroho aids homeowners in creating a sustainable living environment. The company offers an easy way to purchase unseen essential household items, promoting green living.

Elite GA

Concluding the list, Elite GA, operates within the Clean Energy, Construction, and Professional Services industry. The Atlanta-based company has been making commendable strides within the aforementioned sectors.

Written by Mark Smith

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