Arizona’s Gilbert: Hub of Innovative Renewable Energy Technology Pioneers

The discussion about renewable energy and its potential to revolutionize the way we consume energy has been a hot topic in recent years. This shift towards clean energy is not only evident on a global scale, but also, right at home in Gilbert, Arizona. This city is home to a number of companies who are leading the way in renewable energy technologies. In this article, we look at some of the companies headquartered in Gilbert that are making significant strides in the renewable energy sector.

Arizona is known for its sunny climate, making it an ideal location for solar energy companies. These companies are not only harnessing the Arizona sun to generate cleaner and more sustainable energy, but they are also creating job opportunities and economic growth within the local community. The renewable energy sector in Gilbert is diverse, with companies specializing in a range of services from manufacturing to energy efficiency solutions.

Renewable energy is the way of the future, and Gilbert, Arizona is certainly playing its part in this energy transformation. Here are some of the companies in Gilbert that are making their mark in renewable energy.

SunStream Technology, Inc

SunStream Technology, Inc, founded by John A. Anderson, aims to combat energy poverty with an affordable solar power solution. Coming into existence after a trip to Uganda in 2011, the company developed a novel prototype solar panel for lights. The outcome of this initiative is World Panel, a company that ensures mobile connectivity for people living in areas where electricity is scarce and unreliable. Link to their Linkedin page, Facebook page, and follow on Twitter @sunstreamenergy.

Nerd Power

Next on our list is Nerd Power, a clean and renewable energy company founded by Babe Kilgore. Follow Nerd power on their Linkedin page and Facebook page, or tweet them at their Twitter handle @go_nerd_power.

SanTan Solar

SanTan Solar is a renewable energy company that aims to solarize its customers. They provide a range of solar power products from solar panels to charge controllers. Visit their Linkedin page, Facebook page, and follow their Twitter handle @SolarSantan.

Senergy Solar

Senergy Solar offers renewable energy services including solar installation procedures and sustainable energy design through the power grid. Follow Senergy Solar on their Linkedin page, Facebook page, and Twitter @senergypower.

BC Energy

BC Energy implements energy reduction initiatives on commercial sites, helping companies reduce their overall energy consumption. You can find them on their Facebook page or tweet them at @BCenergysaves.


Lastly, Swich is a renewable energy company that also offers solar energy services. For more information, visit their Linkedin page, Facebook page.

Written by Mark Smith

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