Rajkot’s Leading Innovators Revolutionizing the Indian Renewable Energy Sector

Welcome to another feature in our series examining the innovative companies operating in the Renewable Energy sector in India. In this installment, we dive into the heart of Rajkot, Gujarat, a hotbed for enterprises striving to propel India towards a sustainable and prosperous future. Rajkot is home to multiple forward-thinking businesses driving innovations in renewable technologies and power generation.

From harnessing the scorching Rajkot sun for solar energy to utilising the science of digital ecosystems for energy management, these companies are establishing benchmarks in the industry. In this article, we celebrate these green pioneers, recognising their significant contributions towards reshaping the landscape of Indian energy sector.

Without further ado, let’s journey through the lanes of Rajkot and delve into the revolutionary work these trailblazers are championing in renewable energy.


Ratilal M. Bavarva and Sagar Ratilal Bavarva founded TEXON SOLAR, operating in clean energy, energy storage, renewable energy, and prominently solar energy. This solar energy company of 780 KW is making strides in the generation of data-driven solar energy in Gujarat.

Solwave Group of Companies

Founded by Sagar Ratilal Bavarva, the Solwave Group of Companies is the parent division under which four subsidiaries companies are formed. Well known for their pioneering work in energy management and engineering since 1998, they serve a wide spectrum of energy users and companies. Visit their LinkedIn profile here.

Aasan Solar Power

Stepping into the energy management and engineering realm, Aasan Solar Power, a division company under the Aasan Group of Companies, offers solutions in clean energy, electrical distribution, renewable energy, and solar energy sector. Led by Sagar Ratilal Bavarva, this company is eyeing the future of the Solar Energy Digital of Things with upcoming projects under their Energy IoT brand.

Infrax Solar

Infrax Solar are energy solution providers with more than two decades of industry experience. Their spectrum of services includes design, supply, installation, Testing and Commissioning (EPC) and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) for power plants. Connect with Infrax Solar’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for more updates.

Synergy Transformers

Established in 2004, Synergy Transformers has carved a niche for itself as a transformer manufacturing company in the energy sector. Their successful portfolio includes industrial transformers, low loss transformers, efficient transformers, furnace transformers and more. Check out their latest updates on their Facebook handle @synergykeshod.

Natura Eco Energy

Founded by Parag Vekaria, Natura Eco Energy offers land selection, engineering, procurement and construction including plant charging for rooftop services. The company’s wide range of services extend to solar parks, solar rooftop systems, solar thermal, and geothermal cooling systems. Stay up to date with their latest ventures on their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

Written by Mark Smith

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