Renewable Energy Innovators Thriving in Santa Fe, New Mexico Headquarters

In the heart of the Southwestern United States, nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, lies the city of Santa Fe. Known for its rich cultural scene and vibrant history, Santa Fe is less often recognized for its thriving renewable energy industry. Home to numerous pioneering companies, Santa Fe’s renewable energy sector is making significant strides in both technological advancements and sustainability practices.

This series will explore some of the innovative renewable energy companies located in the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico. From harnessing the power of the sun, tapping into wave energy, to advancing nuclear technology, these companies are making an impact on the future of energy. We invite our readers to explore these trailblazing companies and discover their dedication and commitment to a more sustainable world.

We will delve into each company’s history, industry, and goals, and provide a snapshot of their contributions to the renewable energy sector. Discover with us as we span various sectors: chemical, electronics, manufacturing, IT, legal, consultancy, and non-profit, to name a few. The variety of companies represented in this series highlights the breadth and depth of the clean energy industry in Santa Fe.

Gen4 Energy

Founded in 2007 as Hyperion Power Generation Inc., Gen4 Energy is a leading figure in the clean energy revolution. The company, co-founded by Paul Brienza, prides itself on the Gen4 Module, an advanced technology mini reactor designed to provide a safe, clean, and sustainable power source. This pioneering technology leverages forty years of technological advancements and aims to fill the gap for a compact and transportable power source.


Atmocean, co-founded by Philip Kithil in 2006, is an ocean wave energy company dedicated to creating clean water and carbon sequestration solutions. The company’s wave energy converter uses the power of the ocean to pump pressurized seawater towards an onshore desalination plant, thus converting seawater into freshwater without an external energy source. Follow them on their Facebook Page and Twitter Handle.


Amenergy, founded by Peter Page, is an innovative company that operates at the intersection of the emerging renewable energy, energy efficiency, and carbon emission markets. Amenergy takes pride in engineering and providing integrated solar space heating systems and hybrid technologies. Connect with them via their Facebook Page and LinkedIn Profile.


SolarLogic is yet another prominent figure in Santa Fe’s solar energy landscape. Navigate through their website and connect with them via their LinkedIn Profile.

New Energy Economy

New Energy Economy is a non-profit organization that advocates for a fossil-fuel and nuclear-free economy. They aim to foster social equity and environmental justice through legal intervention, policy advocacy, and grassroots action. Find them on their Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, and LinkedIn Profile.

Integrated Solar Technologies

Integrated Solar Technologies & Manufacturing has developed an advanced Concentrated Solar Module (CSM) coupled with a SaaS platform specifically designed for rural and off-grid electrification. This innovation can potentially replace diesel generators and grid-powered electricity. Visit their website, Twitter Handle, Facebook Page, and LinkedIn Profile to learn more about their solutions.

Written by Mark Smith

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