Waltham’s Pioneering Oil and Gas Innovators Reshaping the Energy Landscape

Waltham, Massachusetts, located in the heart of New England, is known for its vibrant tech community and historical significance. But, did you know that this city is also home to some innovative companies in the Oil and Gas industry? These companies, deeply rooted in a history of industrial revolutionary past, are building upon their rich heritage to propel technological advancements in the energy sector. Let’s take a closer look at some of these companies and explore their role within this dynamic industry.

What makes Waltham remarkable are the diverse industries each company operates within. From applying the power of artificial intelligence in robotics to providing heating services, these companies are making their mark in different sectors, including the oil and gas industry. Their impact reaches far beyond the city’s boundaries, making a global impact and playing a pivotal role in future energy solutions.

Below, we profile each of these companies and share in their stories of innovation, resilience, and leadership. Click on each company’s name to visit their website and learn more about their offerings, founding team, and operation specifics.

American Robotics

Founded by Eitan Babcock, Reese Mozer, and Vijay Somandepalli, American Robotics is an industrial drone developer specializing in rugged, real-world environments. By applying innovations in robot autonomy, AI, machine vision, and edge computing, the company has created a fully-automated drone for continuous, unattended operation. Their robotic technology is designed to revolutionize various sectors including the Oil and Gas industry, military, railroad, and more.

Ivys Energy Solutions

At Ivys Energy Solutions, led by founder Darryl Pollica, the mission is delivering effective engineering services and products to the global energy and renewables sector. Their work profoundly impacts the way we perceive and cater to global energy challenges.

Ensys Energy

Ensys Energy offers premium energy consultancy, data and software services. They provide services for a broad spectrum of energy sectors like crude and non-crude supply, refining, logistics, commerce, product demand, and regulation. Their assessments and modeling help various petroleum sector businesses make strategic decisions.

National Grid North America

As a leading electricity and gas company, National Grid North America contributes significantly to the Energy and Gas sector by maintaining and operating critical infrastructure across the northeastern United States.

Genove Oil & Air Company

Starting operations as an Oil and Gas company, Genove Oil & Air Company has diversified its range of services. Today, they provide HVAC and heating oil delivery services, including the installation and service of furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and HVAC systems. Their approach to managing energy needs reflects their long-standing commitment to customer service.


While primarily known for their coffee and food services, XtraMart also operates within the Oil and Gas sector. They offer a unique combination of essential services, proving themselves as an innovator in the service industry.

These Waltham-based companies demonstrate the city’s entrepreneurial spirit and its contribution to global energy solutions. We invite you to follow their work and join us in celebrating their accomplishments and future endeavors.

Written by Mark Smith

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