Durham’s Pioneers: Innovating Oil and Gas Industry in North Carolina

In a world increasingly focused on sustainable energy, it’s encouraging to see a cluster of companies in Durham, North Carolina, who are ceaselessly innovating within the Oil and Gas industry, making strides in clean energy and other relevant areas. The city, well-known for its technological achievements and entrepreneurial spirit, hosts several companies that not only provide crucial services within oil and gas but are also ushering in a new era of environmentally responsible practices. This overview will help you appreciate some of the leading energy companies headquartered in Durham.

8 Rivers

8 Rivers was founded by Bill Brown and Miles Palmer. They have made a name for themselves by developing and commercializing novel technologies pertinent to energy, water, gigabit wireless communications, and industrial processes essential for the production of major chemicals (including H₂O, NH₃, H₂, CO, and CH₄). Their best-known project to date, NET Power, burrows into clean energy, energy, oil and gas and space travel. You can follow their operations and advancements on their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.

NET Power

NET Power, another co-creation of Bill Brown and Miles Palmer, has gained significant attention for its groundbreaking approach to power generation. The company bypasses the issue of harmful emissions by generating clean power from natural gas while inherently capturing all emissions, superior economic advantage to any emitting and non-emitting source of power generation. Projects such as these inevitably propel NET Power and its partners such as 8 Rivers, Exelon, McDermott, and Occidental Petroleum, into the forefront of clean energy innovation. Stay updated with their progress by following them on Twitter and Linkedin.

Couch Oil Company

Serving residential, commercial and wholesale sectors, Couch Oil Company is a competent propane, diesel, and oil distributor with an impressive customer support system. The company has managed to make its mark in the Oil and Gas industry. You can find more about their services on their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Your Location Lubrication

With a customer-centric approach, Your Location Lubrication takes the hassle out of oil changes by offering on-site services. The company utilizes an eco-friendly extractor system to dispose of used oil and pumps high-quality synthetic oil to maximize efficiency. Alongside oil changing services, they also offer preventative maintenance services like tire rotations, pressure checks, wiper blade replacements and filter changes. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


EcoCurrent is committed to creating environmentally friendly solutions within the Oil and Gas industry. They have succeeded in developing an efficient and cost-effective gasification system that converts biomass feedstock to usable energy. Their focus is primarily on CleanTech, Energy, GreenTech, and Oil and Gas.

GeoPressure Technology

Based in Durham, GeoPressure Technology provides highly advanced well pressure data analysis software, consultancy and training services. Their software packages offer the capability of handling data from thousands of wells, making it a sought-after solution in the Oil and Gas industry. The Company has particularly benefited the software and oil and gas sector with its technologies.

Written by Mark Smith

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