Waltham’s Energy Industry: Innovative Power Solutions Shaping Massachusetts Future

Waltham, a city located in the heart of Massachusetts, United States, is home to a plethora of innovative companies operating within the expanding Energy industry. Ranging from Clean Energy, Battery Storage, Greentech, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and more, these companies are paving the way for a sustainable future. This article presents a compilation of companies located in Waltham, renowned for the contribution they are making to the Energy sector.

The companies included in this walk-through comes from diverse areas within the energy sector propelling forward with a vision of creating positive environmental and societal impacts. These companies are not only advancing in their respective fields with groundbreaking technologies and services, but are also contributing greatly to fueling the transition to a greener and more sustainable era of energy production and consumption.

Emphasizing on innovation, sustainability, and efficiency, these companies offer a glimpse into the future of the energy industry. Without any further ado, let’s explore these companies and get to know them a little better.

Adden Energy

Founded by Fred Hu, Luhan Ye, William Fitzhugh, and Xin Li, Adden Energy is a pioneer in the fields of Battery, Energy Storage, and Greentech. The company develops stable, lithium-metal, solid-state batteries that have the potential to greatly contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.
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Harvest Power

Harvest Power, co-founded by Nathan Gilliland and Paul Sellew, is a leading player in the Clean Energy, Energy, and Renewable Energy sector. The company transforms organic materials into renewable energy and high-value soil, making valuable contributions to local communities.
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In the sphere of Clean Energy, Information Technology, and Manufacturing, Ogin, founded by Stanley Kowalski, stands out with its innovative shrouded wind turbine technology. The company’s technology significantly reduces the cost of wind energy and enables new distributed markets.


Tecogen is a leading manufacturer of natural-gas-fueled, engine-driven, combined heat and power products. They design ultra-efficient products including cogeneration modules aimed at reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Connect: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter


Co-founded by Scott D. Allen, Novomer is an extraordinary player in the Energy Efficiency, Sustainability field, pioneering a family of high-performance green plastics, polymers, and chemicals.
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GMZ Energy

In the CleanTech, Energy, and Energy Management sector, GMZ Energy was founded based on the scientific discovery at MIT and Boston College. The founders envision a future where thermoelectric energy conversion technology is widely used in various applications.

Ivys Energy Solutions

Cofounded by Darryl Pollica, Ivys Energy Solutions is a solutions provider delivering effective engineering services and products to the global energy and renewables. Connect: LinkedIn

American DG Energy

American DG Energy was established by John Hatsopoulos in 2001. The company produces electricity, hot water, heat, and cooling from is natural gas-powered which. Connect: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Global Partners

Founded by Abraham Slifka, Global Partners, a FORTUNE 500 company, is a leader in the storage, distribution, and marketing of energy products across the Northeast. Connect: Facebook, LinkedIn

ESS Group

Founded by Charles Natale, ESS Group is renowned for its expertise in Power Renewable Energy, Coastal Engineering, and Water Resource Management. Connect: LinkedIn


GreenerU, co-founded by David Kopans, is a partner for colleges and students to solve campus sustainability and energy management challenges. Connect: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Written by Mark Smith

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